Archipelago for Foundation

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In this map you lead a band of settlers landing for the first time on a newly discovered archipelago in the Atlantic. This is a semi-ropical area of volcanic islands and narrow channels.

Water is scarce and wells run dry. Water sellers must transport water from natural springs to supply your villages.

All three main islands have landing areas for immigrants and traders. Make sure to note these locations: don't build on top of them or you could block visitors.

Mineral deposits are concentrated on certain islands, you can build bridges to access them.







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davidjruss @davidjruss


Is it true that your mods "Water Sources" and "Vegetable and Poultry Farms" will only work with this "Archipelago" map?

I am playing on the "Founder Valley" map;-
A) the Water Sources mod replaces the basic well with a selection of 3 types of water source with a colonist being used to sell water. However no colonists will buy the water as they are looking for the basic well and therefore the water comfort percentage never decreases and immigration will not occur.
I tried starting the Founder Valley Map without using your Water Source mod and although I can build the basic well and the colonists then have water , I then find the following :-

B) The Vegetable and Poultry Farm mod seems not to work as once a Poultry Farm and dung heap is built the message " missing a resource" appears and If a colonist is allocated to the Dung Heap the colonist just stands at the Town Centre and will not move to the Dung Heap The Compost figure amount in the Dung Heap box remains in Red and the Dung Heap does not produce either Dung nor Compost. Therefore the chickens just stand around and no chickens get sold at the Poultry cart.

Can you advise if there is any reason why these excellent mods should not work on other maps or are they linked to only your Archipelago map?

Batyushki @batyushki

Make sure you don't have any other map mods loaded with your game. Sounds like you have Archipelago loaded.

margotpilat @margotpilat

Hi Batyushki, We are working on your map "archipelago". But since the last update of Foundation ,if we open the map "Foundation" says that our mods like berry basket or salt production can no more be used and as to the others it seems also difficult. Thanks if you can tell us how we can manage?

Batyushki @batyushki

margotpilat this is not to do with the map, it just means that some of the mods have not been updated by the mod owner, or they have been updated but they break saved games. You'll need to remove those mods from the save to play in game version 1.8, unless the mod owner updates them.

margotpilat @margotpilat

tanks so much for your mail. I am afraid we shall have to wait for the updating of our mods because many games are concerned and we do not want them to brake down. For instance we have left the monasteries on many games to build. So we are now playing on Custom maps with the mods we can use.
Well, thanks for your imagination that makes us enjoy playing. Amicalement, Mag