Authority for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 171911)


This is a complex mod that changes the Promotion and Territory systems, and adds new pieces and jobs to the Lord Manor.


The purpose of this mod is to make the Lord Manor more interesting, to give more jobs that can be promoted to Citizen, and to create a realistic household and administration to assist you, the Lord, in managing your affairs.

New pieces have been added to the Lord Manor including four new and larger Halls, a kitchen, garden shed, and store rooms.

New jobs at the Lord Manor include: Lord, Lady, Exchequer, Councillors, Chancellor, Cook, Chamberlain, and Gardener. Each job also requires a number of assistants and helpers. In total you will eventually employ up to 30 people at the Lord Manor.

A new resource: Authority

Authority is a new resource which represents the dignity and prestige of your household and administration. Authority, instead of Gold, is now required to promote villagers and buy new Territory. Your current level of Authority is shown with a small crown icon in the top toolbar. You must spend 50 Authority to purchase a Territory. Promotions expend Authority of 2 (Serf), 5 (Commoner), or 20 (Citizen).

You gain Authority by employing officers and workers to serve in your household and to administer your domain. There are several different ways to increase your Authority, listed below from simplest to most complex. Start with the simple ones, and add more as you need more Authority to promote and expand. Administrative buildings cost gold to maintain, so don't expand your administration faster than you can afford.

All workers in this mod can be promoted to Citizen.


Lord's Chamber & Lady's Chamber. You now have the chance to put yourself in the game! Assign the Lord's Chamber and/or Lady's Chamber to one of your Lord Manor pieces, and pick villagers to become Lord and Lady. After assigning the person to represent You, rename them by clicking on their character and using the Edit button at the top of their villager card. The Lord and Lady will generate Authority when they visit their respective chambers.

Exchequer (Exchequer and Exchequer's Assistants). The Exchequer's office looks after your administration's Wages. You must have enough Wages to pay the officials in your employ. Build a room or tower for the Exchequer in the Lord Manor. Within the room, place an Assistant's Table from the Lord Manor menu. Assign the Exchequer to the room and Exchequer's Assistants to the table. The Exchequer will issue Directives to the Assistants. The Assistants will collect gold coins from the Village Center, and will produce Wages once they have a Directive from the Exchequer. If you run out of gold coins, no wages will be available and no one in your staff will work. You will not need more than one Assistant at first, and can expand later.

Council Chamber (Councillors and Council's Assistants). You can appoint up to three Councillors, and three Council's Assistants. If paid a Wage these Councillors will increase your Authority among the people by consulting with leading citizens and giving you advice. Any Lord Manor piece can be used as a Council Chamber. Within the Council Chamber, place an Assistant's Table and assign Council's Assistants. These assistants will collect the required Wages for your Councillors. Your Councillors cannot increase your authority without Assistants and Wages.

Chancery (Chancellor and Chancery Assistants). The office of Chancery handles written documents for your realm. The Chancery is headed by the Chancellor who is the Lord's personal secretary. Working under the Chancellor are Chancery Assistants. Assign the Chancery to any room in your Manor and place an Assistant's Table inside the room. Appoint the Chancellor and Chancery's Assistants. Assistants will gather Wages from the Exchequer to pay the Chancellor. The Chancellor must have Assistants and Wages to produce Authority.


Garden (Gardener and Garden Helpers). An important aspect of displaying Authority is to have beautiful grounds where citizens and visitors can appreciate the splendor of your rule. Make room for a garden and decorate it with the many items available (Masterpieces, Nature Decorations mod, and Fantasy Decorations mod). Build a Gardener's Shed and assign a head Gardener. The Gardener gives Instructions to up to three Garden Helpers who are stationed around the grounds. Choose a place for each Helper to work. Garden Helpers will collect Wages, Water and Compost (from the Dung Heap), and under instruction from the head Gardener will increase your Authority by ensuring your grounds remain beautiful for all to enjoy.

Privy Chamber (Chamberlain and Grooms). Visitors to your Manor should always be impressed that your household displays the latest clothing and furnishings. Build Store Rooms and assign them the Store function. Grooms will work in each store room collecting Clothing, Furniture and Candles (any combination of two of them). Assign the Privy Chamber function to a room in your Manor, and appoint a Chamberlain. If paid a Wage, the Chamberlain will increase your Authority by furnishing your house in the latest styles. You can have up to three Store Rooms collecting different items.

Kitchen (Cook and Kitchen Helpers). To project Authority to your subjects, you should keep yourself and your retinue well supplied with food and drink. Build Store Rooms in your Lord Manor and assign the Pantry or Buttery function. Food is stored in a Pantry and collected by a Kitchen Helper. The Helper will collect Boar, Cheese, Meat and Bread (any of two of them). Another Helper will collect items to drink in the Buttery, and here you can choose Wine, Beer, or Cider. You can have up to three Pantries and three Butteries. The Cook works in the Lord's Kitchen combining all the ingredients to prepare your daily meals. If you pay your Cook a Wage and keep them well supplied with at least two food and one drink, they will increase your Authority by preparing sumptuous meals for you and your household.


If you don't have enough Authority to buy Territory or Promote villagers, check:

  • Are your staff able to get to their workplaces?
  • Do you have gold in your treasury for the Exchequer to use to pay Wages?
  • Have you assigned both the heads of each office, and the Assistants or Helpers?
  • Does the Kitchen have access to at least two kinds of food and one kind of drink?
  • Do the Garden Helpers have access to Compost (from the Dung Heap)?


  • Your staff cannot live in the Lord Manor, you will need to provide room for housing nearby (modding limitation).
  • Clothes are currently difficult to mod in Foundation, you will see that sleeves don't fit perfectly when your officials are walking. Hopefully modders will get more precise clothing options in the future.
  • There is no way to auto-force the Lord to be male, and the Lady to be female. You'll have to choose the gender by picking the villager manually.


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curtisgolden2 @curtisgolden2

Love the mod. It's really brings out the gaming experience of running and managing an medieval RPG game. One suggestion, besides the additional positions acted, could you possibly in your next update see to adding additional duties, such as maybe kings and queens, dukes and duchess, governors and governess, barons and baroness, captain of the guards, etc. to allow the gamer to add extra villages to the their kingdoms. And again, I only provided a suggestion. Thanks for the awesome mod. Love the work.

lt64 @lt64

Help! I am running my fourth full game run on Foundation, using Mods for interest. Love the game, and the mods. Great job(s)! The major mod I added this time is Authority, which is pretty cool and seems to work well at the outset. However, if you promote any Villagers to Commoners, they will not build Level 2 housing, nor convert any existing homes to Level 2. I am into 7 years of this game-time, and all is great (250+ villagers, happiness 96+ consistently, treasuries full, basic needs provided including multiple foods/markets/ churches,/clothing, etc.). I have half that population as Serfs and housed. I have left Very High value space zoned, and promoted six Serfs in one house in a Very High desirability zone. I have plenty of “bling”. I have also built Level 2 housing with the Stone Set and Placeable Houses mod (both of which I have successfully done in past games), but the Commoners will not move into them. The Commoners just get unhappy and leave because they have no housing. The kick is on the villager screen it shows lacking housing, but instead of showing the previous icon for Level 2 it shows a third symbol added in the middle. (a grey orb that I cannot identify except maybe a lamp?) In the past the housing icons were two: a thatch roof symbol for level 1 and a red tile roof for Level 2. Note: My Lord and Lady moved into my Stone Set housing Level 1 housing, but once promoted, refused to move into the Level 2 Stone Set housing attached directly to that. They eventually just left. Any thoughts? What are the housing levels and requirements now, with Authority or otherwise? I have a photo of it, but not sure how to attach the jpg , but that's another thread? Thanks

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi, there is a thread open to help you on Discord, I believe you have another mod which might be interfering.

Rettie @rettie

Very good idea but not good for new game.
It need a lot of space and materials to build all those parts of manor to have all needed people assigned to pass the quest. And it makes expansion much harder. But damn it's good idea.

Batyushki @batyushki

You only need to build the Lord's chamber to get started. The quests are just there to guide new players on what to do, you are not obligated to build them right away.

MarcusFahlen(swe) @marcusfahlenswe

fun thing is i hade monny problem all game then i instal this mod for get promotion my monny problem stoped XD

Batyushki @batyushki

Yes, removing money as a requirement for promotion and land purchase tends to enrich your treasury. But then you have to pay the salaries of all the administration, which somewhat offsets it.

But I didn't feel like gold should be a requirement for activities which are really related to status, not economy.

silvercree1602433389 @silvercree1602433389

Does this only work with a new game? Or can you add it later? So as your city grows, you add a more sophisticated court with full functions.....

Batyushki @batyushki

You can add mods to a saved game, just click Edit Mods after you click on the save but before loading.

alankirkham @alankirkham

I'm really enjoying this mod

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Both here and in mod Security, once the space is full, employees do not come to work. Can this be changed?
I just thought - can you make the 'Archive' building? Something like a warehouse where an employee would collect security reports, authority points, etc. with the possibility of removing resources. It could be a solution to the problem of overcrowded spaces

Batyushki @batyushki

The game has a default limit of 50 units in any production building, this cannot be changed by mods currently. I am ok with this for authority as it acts as a limit to the total authority, like gold coins are also limited. Warehouse functions are not available to modders yet.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

That is a pity. I wanted to boast to my daughter that I have a job as a gardener. And it didn't work out because he had an overcrowded place and took some time off :(

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Would you not like to add another employee to the court? I am referring to the person who receives envoys. Someone in 'court' clothing and with an added item (as in Mod Security for Foundation) to put him where the envoy comes in. I am currently doing this (mod Idlers for Foundation) but the staff member does not look 'representative' and I do not want to put a guard on.

Translated with (free version)

Batyushki @batyushki

An ambassador or herald would be a nice addition. I'll add it to my list of future development.

ldylarke @ldylarke

Yet another masterpiece bayushi ! I love this! Will be playing all day to see how things work together and just can't wait to get into it! Thank you so much for your creativity, time, and dedication to this game. I appreciate all that you have done and please don't stop here lol (btw, when are the game devs going to pick you up and give YOU some wages?)

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

I assigned a lady to the court, she entered and did not leave. She has the status that she is working, the needs are at zero, but she is not going to satisfy them. Can you check that?

Batyushki @batyushki

She and the Lord just work for a long time. I may need to reduce her working delay. As long as she is working she should not go red on her needs.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

I ask for the address of the lady - I will marry her :)