Balanced Trading : Village Additions Plug-In for Foundation

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Published by GamerSteve (mod ID: 82111)


Load Order

The load order should be handled automatically, but the recommended load order is:

  1. Village Additions by lachie07 & vjraymon
  2. Balanced Trading Mod
  3. Village Additions Trading Plug-in

There are no other known load order issues with any other mods


FULL Credit for creation of the Potions, Arrows, Cattle, and Beef assets goes to lachie07 & vjraymon. This mod does NOT add these resources to your game. In order to add the resources, you must have the Village Additions Mod installed. Support for this mod lies solely with me. He is given co-credit because this plug-in wouldn't exist without the work he did adding the assets in his mod. Thank you to Lachie07 & Vjraymon for creating the Village Additions Mod and for consent to create this plug-in to add support for it to my own mod.


Balanced Trading
Village Additions [1.5.11]




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