Balanced Trading for Foundation

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Created by GamerSteve (mod ID: 81203)


This mod adjusts the prices which goods are bought and sold at in all three default villages and adds two new villages, Hamlet and Glenford, to the list of villages for a total of 5. Prices were adjusted to be an average of the previous buying and selling price, so things are bought and sold for the same price before any prestige discount(s) is/are applied.

In addition, I shuffled around a few resources. For example, Northbury and Myddle used to both sell Fish, now only Northbury does. Changes of this sort were minimal, so for the most part, the resources you want to buy or sell can be traded with the village you are used to, but please check to make sure your resource isn't one of the few affected by these adjustments.

I welcome any constructive feedback, so please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for making the mod better. I have verified that this mod is compatible with the current version as of release ( and will be updating it as needed to keep it compatible with future versions.






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