Balanced Trading for Foundation

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Published by GamerSteve (mod ID: 81203)


This mod adjusts the prices which goods are bought and sold at in all three default villages and adds two new villages, Hamlet and Glenford, to the list of villages for a total of 5. Prices were adjusted to be an average of the previous buying and selling price, so things are bought and sold for the same price before any prestige discount(s) is/are applied.

In addition, I shuffled around a few resources. For example, Northbury and Myddle used to both sell Fish, now only Northbury does. Changes of this sort were minimal, so for the most part, the resources you want to buy or sell can be traded with the village you are used to, but please check to make sure your resource isn't one of the few affected by these adjustments.

I welcome any constructive feedback, so please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for making the mod better. I have verified that this mod is compatible with the current version as of release ( and will be updating it as needed to keep it compatible with future versions.


While there are no incompatibility issues known at this time, if you use Fiery Essentials (or other mods which overwrite trade village data), this mod should be loaded AFTER the other mod. While Balanced Trading does modify the pricing data on the default villages and add new villages to the list, it does not overwrite or remove custom villages from other mods. Loading Balanced Trading after the other mods should ensure any new villages from both mods will show up properly.

If you discover (or suspect) any other compatibility issues, please leave me a comment and I will see if I can fix the compatibility issue or add it to the information here.







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Chach(Miaw) @chachmiaw

I started a new game with only "Balanced Trading for Foundation" mod and after a moment i see 5 town ! Happy to see that it works !
Thanks for your work ! That improvment is very welcome.

Although... Is there a way to add this mod on a previous save game ? I added mods (Village Additions by lachie07 & vjraymon + Village Additions Trading Plug-in) on a saved game before and it worked so, maybe there is a way I can play this mod with a town I already have ?

GamerSteve @gamersteve

From what I recall, it is possible to modify trading data for existing cities in a previous save, but not add new trading cities mid-game, which is where the problem lies. I will try to tinker around with it some this week and see what I can come up with though. Glad it's working for you.

Chach(Miaw) @chachmiaw

I would greatly appreciate to have 2 more cities as there is some ressources in the original game that we can't trade and I personaly do want to use for my villagers "everyday life" like cheese for exemple.

Sadly !
- I install the mod into my game (Map mod : Founder Valley :
- I place Every mods in the right order as explained :
1.Village Additions by lachie07 & vjraymon
2.Balanced Trading Mod
3.Village Additions Trading Plug-in

Every Villages Additions are added and work fine. But Balanced Trading Mod doesn't seem to be active. There is only 3 cities in the list.

I tried with only the Balanced Trading for Foundation mod but still, none of the 2 new cities to trade with are showing up.

Any idea ? Suggestion ?