Balancing for Realism for Foundation

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This mod introduces more appropriate costs for purchasing and maintaining buildings, and for the items sold at markets. Production is also decreased to make for a more realistic economy.

  • Changes all prices (see table below)
  • Adjusts upfront cost and maintenance cost of buildings
  • Reduces production of primary resources by 50%: berries, fish, mushrooms, poultry, eggs, rabbits, vegetables, milk, carcasses, hides, vellum, tallow, dung, hops, grapes, apples, honey, herbs, wheat, corn, salt, sugar, wool, and wood
  • Gives three territories at the start of the game, instead of one
  • Decreased the territory taxes to reach maximum of 50 gold coins only after buying 10 territories
  • Changes the input requirements for producing candles to 1 wax, 1 wool
  • Changes the input requirements for producing common wares to 1 iron, 1 plank
  • Changes the extensions for candlemaker and common wares workshop, to double production rather than remove input requirements

There is a limitation currently that the church prices cannot be adjusted, so these are as-is (though too high in my opinion).

Place this mod last in load order if you want it to override other mod's prices and building requirements.

Price List


Common Resources V1
































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zyrex1643760957 @zyrex1643760957

Batyushki Hi, I am softlocked since I dont have any wood but the Lumber Camp itself requires now Wood to build so I cant do anything. Can ypu fix it please

Batyushki @batyushki

I can't help you get the wood back that you used up but you can use Aladdin's Lamp mod to give yourself some wood temporarily. My mods do not stop you from running into dead ends, you'll need to keep an eye on things like wood and tools to ensure you don't run out.

En_Zoo @dreadness16

Hello Batyushki,

I seem to remember this mod provided warehouses, granaries and other buildings from your storage mod with 200 resource slots per socket instead of 100 - and I swear I read that in a description somewhere! - but it's not the case apparently. What am I making confusion with? I could've bet it was in your mod pack. Or maybe is it just something new due to the latest update? Asking because after updating all of my storage are back to 100 slots per socket..
Thanks in advance and I won't stop saying your work here is just awesome!

Batyushki @batyushki

That's true it was 200 before, however for the 1.8 update I reverted to 100. After playing for a while I just felt that 200 per slot was excessive. This part of the code is easy to change though if you want to customise.

Jurak @jurak

Hey Batyushki,

after today's update on steam some of your mods stopped working.

From my list those are:
Balancing for realism
Harbour V2
Trading with farms
Basic materials

They just won't load for a previously saved game.
version of the game:

BTW kudos for making them. Love 'em.

I won't post this under all of them, just this one ;)

Batyushki @batyushki

Yes I have updates ready for all of them, will start deploying changes tomorrow.

Jurak @jurak

Hey, thanks for the quick upload. Harbour V2 seems not to be working still, but rest of them r good. Thanks again!

deka @jan26

Could you increase capacity of churches? If you have a bigger village, it is so unrealistic to have a church on every corner.

Batyushki @batyushki

deka this is not currently possible in a direct way. I could increase the length of time that people go between visits, but I kind of like having people attend at least weekly. To work around this, you can build more cores and extensions inside an existing church.

mistaa.icyj @mistaaicyj

Hey Batyushki, I love your mods, but I recently returned to the game after a long break. After updating all the mods, I do not know which one is causing Foresters to not be able to plant normal trees(pines, oaks, sycamores, etc.) and will only plant custom trees (dates, palms, etc.). Do you know how to fix this? It feels slightly less immersive when the trees do not match their surroundings. I posted the question here, but do not know which mod is causing this. Thank you!

Batyushki @batyushki

mista.icyj You have one of my map mods downloaded, Negev Desert or Antigua. You should make sure you don't have any map mods unless you are playing that map.

Sonofahod @sonofahod

Does this mod slow down berry foraging? I am having issues where berry production is so small it is impossible to progress without putting loads of villagers on berry foraging. Ran a quick test with and without mod (no other mods apart from common resources), building just a builders hut and gathering hut and assigning 1 forager. With mod took 40% more time to reach 40 berries

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi, yes the berry gatherers are slowed down in this mod. Sorry I did not call it out in the description, I've updated it now.

I wanted to make berries less overpowered in the game so that the player would have to quickly move on to other more realistic food production. Berries are fine for getting past the first quest but after you have some immigrants, you should start to introduce other foods (recommend Vegetable & Poultry mod).

In my own games if I have 1-2 berry gatherers I'm able to keep ahead of demand for a village of 8, until I have some immigrants.

Shaunus821609697752 @shaunus821609697752

I have been having really big problems using this mod. Im currently following through a Let's Play series with The Beard Plays, and I'm using the same mods he is using, but if I have this mod installed I end up losing money really fast, and then end up with no money at all. If I remove this mod, my money starts going back up again.

Batyushki @batyushki

Well that would make sense since this mod is about cutting prices to be realistic. You will need to balance your budget by cutting expenses, or selling more high priced goods. Take a look at your budget panel to see what you can change.

Shaunus821609697752 @shaunus821609697752

This happens really early in the game, even before I have managed to build my first Granary, so I have got no chance whatsoever to build up anything of a production. And it makes no sense to me that The Beard Plays is using exactly the same mods as me, and has had none of the early game problems that I have had. Is there any way that Trading with Farms could be made to work without Balancing for Realism, as that is the mod that I want to use most of all?

Batyushki @batyushki

The trading prices wouldn't make any sense without balancing for realism. You could certainly hack your versions of the mods to remove the dependency (or easier - comment out the code in Balancing for Realism).

I think it would be faster to figure out why you are losing money. Have you built a big church or something that is consuming a lot of gold? Do you have plenty of poultry that you are selling early in the game? Remember berries only sell for 1 gold so they are not sustainable as an income stream.

Shaunus821609697752 @shaunus821609697752

I have already told you that it happens very early in the game. I build only the basics like Stonecutter, lumber camp, gatherer, well, fuel cart, thatchers, clay, market and Granary, and even before I finish building all of this, my money is tanking down, and ends up going to more than -50 gold, and I have 0 income. I can't be any clearer than this.

Batyushki @batyushki

If you contact me on Discord I can help troubleshoot, but I'm not able to reproduce based on the info given.

Shaunus821609697752 @shaunus821609697752

I have decided not to use Balancing for Realism. It means I won't be able to use Trading with Farms, but there are other mods out there that add extra traders. This mod is just too harsh, and I really, really hope that you make some changes to the mod at some time in the future to make it a little bit easier.