Bankers and Tax Collectors for Foundation

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Published by OrlandoKev (mod ID: 82127)


Assign up to 5 tax collectors (instead of 1) per Tax Office in Lord Manor. Also adds new job type of Banker, up to 5 bankers can be assigned per Bank Office in Lord Manor. (Tax Office and Bank Office are assignable functions in Lord Manor). Tax Collectors go around to houses to collect taxes, they each can collect 50 gold per week. Bankers just stare at our gold, but bankers and tax collectors a nice option for additional citizens that wont slow down a production line, at least that is why i made this mod for myself.




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Christ_Catnap @christ-catnap

I found that your motax_v1 mod plays out as planned among the forty+ others.

But OrlandoKev, do you know how to expand the capacity of the treasuries themselves?

That would seem to be in the same ballpark as this mod of yours, perhaps with the addition of each banker, a multiplier is added to the size of all treasuries, brilliant right?
Since I have not seen the like, it is reasonable to predict that the risks of conflict are low.

I am tired of being forced to build twenty or more towers over thirty two units tall before the population reaches 100 to contain all the gold I bring in when modified with the primary balancers on this site.

I have realized the few ways possible to overlap and stack the towers in order to change things up. But all the towers, and with no room for walls that early - not that their capacity is of much help.

Even vanilla play suffers when you see that max gold pegged and spilling - knowing that loosing the excess earned, could spell a long boring grind ahead if not a restart later on.

But this is just off the top of my head, all the best and thank you for a solid and honest* mod.

*Lore Friendly.


alankirkham @alankirkham

will you allocate a function to the bankers in time?