Barrel O'Fish for Foundation

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Barrel O'Fish

A high-output, flexible, and decorative fish producer you can place anywhere. No building, zones, or cost requirements.

New in Version 2.6

  • Decorate with six species of fish, each with a distinct appearance.
  • Now with Ahi Tuna, Orange Roughy, Red Grouper, Salmon, Sea Bass, and Trout.
  • Meet four animal friends, two cats and two dogs.
  • Welcome Shiva, Fischer, Sam, and Woody.
  • Use attach points for easy snap-in décor.
  • Create unlimited jobs by adding barrels.
  • Each barrel employs one Fishmonger.
  • Control the number of fish produced by adding crates.
  • Each crate produces fish at the same rate as one Fishing Hut.
  • Fishmongers and Transporters use custom paths for animations you control.
  • Built with GPS, the GP System for modding in a functional programming style with DRY syntax.
  • Easily extended with config.lua. See below. More GPS doc coming soon.

Placement Tips for Custom Paths (See Example Image)

  • On barrels, the green arrow during placement shows where the Fishmonger will stand.
  • On crates, the green arrow shows where the Transporter will pickup.
  • Fishmongers also restock their barrel from the nearest crate. Consider this when placing crates.

Why I Created This Mod

This is a "monument" version of my Berry Basket which produces fish and adds several décor parts.

  • Barrel O'Fish produces a large but reasonable number of fish, rather than an infinite count.
  • A new Fishmonger job is created with unlimited worker spots, one per barrel.
  • Transporters pick up and carry fish to the Granary from the crates.
  • No building is required. The barrel and crate can be placed anywhere.
  • When clicked, you can add or move parts anytime.

Known Side Effects

  • The Blue Market Tent will have zero costs or resource requirements throughout your game. This allows building all the Barrel O'Fish parts free.

Credits & Acknowledgements

  • Thank you to junkets and Batyushki for your code examples.
  • Thank you to RaisinMuffin for your modding tutorial and Fantasy Decorations assets, which I highly recommend for any modders.
  • Thank you to Batyushki and RaisinMuffin for permission to include versions of their models with my custom textures and layouts.

Configuring GPS

This section is undergoing active development. Check back for updates.

Preview the Latest Version of GPS

GitHub Repo

Overview of a Foundation Monument

overview 1

Configuring Categories


Configuring Workplaces


Configuring Paths


Registering Attachment Point Types


FBX File Setup: Attachment Points

fbx attach2

FBX File Setup: Paths

fbx paths2

Example FBX File

Note part names, attach point names, and path names.

fbx config

Future Directions

This mod will be used to develop and document the GPS System for modding Foundation.

Thanks for checking it out... I welcome and enjoy your feedback!

-- GarranPlum


















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juliews053 @juliews053

can't get it to load. The error tells me to check the log file. I did but don't understand it. I tried putting it first, it worked, but then it won't load after I save the game. I also tried putting it last. I think some other mod is interfering with it.

GarranPlum @garranplum

Did you get it working w/ the new version?

GarranPlum @garranplum

New version coming out today that's compatible with Foundation 1.8 and should also fix those problems! Thank you, both!

Jurak @jurak

same for me. First time added it loaded properly. After reloading the game it says that it can't be loaded and nothing i can do with it. GarranPlum do you know any complications with other mods? I'm honestly using almost 100 right nwo so it's almost impossible for me to manually check which one is it.

GarranPlum @garranplum

Did you get it working w/ the new version?

Jurak @jurak

just tested it. Wortking smooth. Added tyhe mod, placed some barrels, reloaded several times and even started a new game and did this.

Thank you for the update, working fine ;)

BTW i really like the visuals of the mod you provided. Thats a definition of a job well done. Kudos for you!

GarranPlum @garranplum

Thank you! That's so great to hear. I really appreciate that you took the time to write. If you'd like, please come join me on my Discord for all the news, updates, and previews of my mods. :-)

GarranPlum @garranplum

New version coming out today that's compatible with Foundation 1.8 and should also fix those problems! Thank you, both!