Basic Materials for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 176814)


This mod adds some basic materials to the game which are required to construct most buildings. The mod also adds Pottery to be sold to commoners and above. Basic Materials increases difficulty and will test your ability to manage the economy.

How it Works

Clay is dug at Clay Pits and is required for level 1 houses and some other buildings like the Bakery, Blacksmith, Smelter, etc.

A Potter's Kiln fires clay into Pottery which is sold for 6 gold at a Goods Market, or from the specialised Pottery Cart which acts as a market stall. The Kiln requires wood or coal for fuel. Coal is twice as efficient as wood.

The Potter's Kiln can also produce Clay Tile which is required for any building with a tile roof.

The Sawmill has been changed to make either Planks or Wood Shingles. Level 2 houses have shingles and so do many workplaces.

A Thatcher's Yard collects Thatch from Reed Beds which you should place nearby. Thatch is used for level 1 houses and some farm buildings. The reeds are similar to berry bushes, they can be depleted and only regrow once a month, so make sure you have at least two reed beds for every yard.


If you load Basic Materials last in the mod order, it will add the Basic Materials for the buildings from those mods.


  • Basic Materials will require more wood than a vanilla game, both as fuel for the Kiln and for Shingles. Avoid building a lot of kilns too quickly or you will soon run out of wood.
  • You start the game with some tile and shingles to allow you to build a few basic buildings like the Well. The first thing you should build with shingles is the Sawmill.
  • This mod slows down the game, especially at the beginning. Building houses now takes longer due to the different materials required. I think this is a plus as it allows you to take a more natural approach to development instead of quickly filling your land with houses.
  • If you add this mod to a saved game, your Sawmills will stop producing until you specify which function to use (Planks or Wood Shingles).


  • Some buildings cannot be modded yet and so I was unable to add the new materials to them. These include the Lord Manor, Church, Keep, and Monastery.
  • Reeds that you place in water will not be harvested, and on reloading a saved game they will disappear from the water. I haven't found a workaround yet.


  • This mod incorporates the Campfire from RaisinMuff1n's Fantasy Decorations mod, to fuel the Kiln.


Common Resources V1
Fantasy Decorations























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xxx78 @xxx78

Hi, nice mod :)
Im not sure how to use this ingame, I have installed it with it dependencies with Batyushki's Modpack.
But I cant find any of the buildings in build menu. The buildings do require Thatch, but where is the buildings and reeds I can build?

Batyushki @batyushki

xxx78 You will see the thatcher and clay pit unlock at 10 villagers. They are in the Resources menu.

xxx78 @xxx78

Thanks for quick reply :)
Ok I did not know that. Great mod pack you made, thanks for sharing it :)

jean-paul8989 @jean-paul8989

Hi I am not able to find any reeds on my map... can you help me out what to do? (i put this mod and started new map)

jlorentsen @jlorentsen

QUOTE: "A Thatcher's Yard collects Thatch from Reed Beds which you should place nearby"!
Use the extra options on the botttom when building the Thatcher.

jean-paul8989 @jean-paul8989

Now it is solved. Thank you so much for your quick and supportive answer!!

Grumblerbear @grumblerbear

what about Vanioville?

Batyushki @batyushki

I'll update the mod to take into account the Vanioville houses, that mod has changed and so Basic Materials is no longer applying to it.

Grumblerbear @grumblerbear


Batyushki @batyushki

This should now be fixed. I also added Fishing Shacks.

Grumblerbear @grumblerbear

oh, so cool!) thx

`Hilf @hilf

after changing population t ocitizen even thoough i have Thatch, game seems to not read it as no builders pick it up for buildings. It's stocked in warehouse (no max stock option selected, just normal stocking) but as for buildings games don't see it as a material required :( any solution for this bug?

pdgr @pdgr

How i can get clay tiles?

MsLyly83 @mslyly83

Potter's Kiln. The Building selection Image is blank for me but it's the box to the left of pottery cart.

Rettie @rettie

I have gone into trap while starting new game with this mod on. I had to build a well but well needs tiles and to unlock this i need 10 villigers... I cannot have more villigers if I don't build a well...

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi, when you start a game with this mod it grants you 20 tiles and 20 wood shingles. Did you add the mod after you had already started the game?

iamtayareyoutaytoo @iamtayareyoutaytoo

I really am enjoying this -- however. Thatch production, for me, is unbearably slow. I'm curious if that is other folks experience?

MsLyly83 @mslyly83

Ya. My workers will work in the field gathering 3 or 4 times, but only produce one thatch per work cycle. Not sure what that amounts to per day but they should be bringing a thatch each time they go into the work field and to the yard. All my other workers gather 1 object per trip.

Batyushki @batyushki

I haven't noticed that. I do notice that house construction is much slower - requiring the builder about 3x the usual time to construct. Thatch is really only used for houses and farms so I have been bottlenecked more often by wood shingles.

Just checking are your thatchers serfs? Do they have at least 2 reed beds per yard? How many thatchers do you have and what population?

We can discuss more on Discord if you like.

MsLyly83 @mslyly83

Could it be that in the code the resource value is 0.2 per pick? It would take 5 picks to gather one Thatch.

iamtayareyoutaytoo @iamtayareyoutaytoo

Hi. I've 17 thatching huts, 34 thatchers, 34 reeds, population 569. Each hut produces 1 thatch per week. It might be an artifact of population size - perhaps a new game would have been best - but everything else in Basic Materials works like a charm.

Batyushki @batyushki

That sounds very unusual. I wonder if it is because you are pushing on the limits of your PC's performance when it comes to population size? On the Discord the bailiffs have documented that if you run your game at speed x3 anyone doing gathering, farming etc cannot get calculations done quickly enough and lose efficiency. On my PC it starts to happen around 1K population and I have to turn down the speed.

iamtayareyoutaytoo @iamtayareyoutaytoo

I'll give that a go! Thank you.

I just noticed that if I pause and then unpause every week or so, thatching does gangbusters. So I think you are right. Thank you so much! :) And keep up the good work - every one of your mods has made this game come alive for me.