Brinery for Foundation

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Adds a Brinery which requires raw fish, brine, and wood to produce 'preserved' fish ready for storage or a market. You can no longer sell raw fish at a market.


Common Resources V1
Salt & Brine




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GodofConquest95 @godofconquest95

So I have noticed that I am unable to sell my brined fish to the villagers. The brined fish are in the granary and the market stall has brined fish allowed but the brined fish is not being transferred from storage to the market. I do have market carts and salt & brinery installed as well. The fish cart does allow brined fish to be sold however and I have attempted to use that instead of the market stall but the resources are still not transported over.

Gilles-Therron @gilles-therron

I have altered the mod a little. I changed the name of Fish to Raw Fish. Now I can store Raw Fish in a Granary and Trade it with other cities. Raw Fish can't be sold in markets.
Raw Fish can now be stockpiled and used for quests.

Id = "FISH",
ResourceName = "RESOURCE_TYPE_RAW_FISH_NAME", -- in localization as 'Raw Fish'
ResourceTypeList = {Action = "OVERRIDE", "RESOURCE_TYPE_FISH", "GRANARY" },
--IsTradable = false

So IsTradable should be TRUE and the ResourceTypeList should be overridden.

genstab @genstab

Very nice, but the raw fish has to be brought back to the warehouse as goods to be traded.

melchitherabbit @melchitherabbit

I like the concept, as it works nicely with Salt & Brine mod! But it needs reworking, imho; all meat should be preserved and there should still be an option to store raw meat, as it is often requirement for missions from envoys (at current state, when you are asked to deliver raw fish there is no option to do so, as those are taken from the warehouses).

EDIT: I haven't yet tried the Barrel O'Fish or Fish Pond mods with it, maybe it'd be an option to have raw fish?

Gilles-Therron @gilles-therron

I copy this. I can't buy raw fish from a trader too. So yes, there should be a possibility to buy, sell and store raw fish. Only selling fish on the market should be 'brined fish'.