Castle Set for Foundation

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Castle Set

The Castle Set gives you the opportunity to build different scalable towers to make each castle you create look individual.
In the first version, all building parts have no functions at all, e.g. to assign soldiers. But this will follow step by step.
If you have further ideas or suggestions for improvement, please let me know. Either comment here or on Discord in the corresponding channel.

This castle set contains the following building parts:

  • 10 different types of scalable towers
  • 2 towers with passageway
  • 2 scalable wall
  • 1 scalable gate
  • 1 door for the towers (fits only on two of the locator points of the towers)
  • 1 optional wooden footbridge for the wall
  • 5 different types of windows
  • 1 very, very big gate
    • 1 fall gate

Thanks to vjraymon for a lot of tips & tricks regarding the creation of this mod and k1sk4 for the russian translation.














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will_simo @will-simo

Great mod bud! How do I set the elevation of windows and items in the decorations tab? Everything is stuck halfway into the ground for me and there are no snap points to place windows on the sides of towers like you have in the photos

der_seBi @der-sebi

Hey the windows work not for all towers. Maybe thats the reason why you cant get them in place. To place them like you could see it in the pictures you have to bring the mouse cursor to the snapping point.

lazylimey @lazylimey

Hi nice mod but annoying levels and most annoying wooden footbridge that wants to stay at same height as one next to it so it gradually gets lower on wall on uneven ground.

der_seBi @der-sebi

Hey lazylimey, thanks for your feedback. I use the ingame grounding component but that brings up the described issue. This mod will be completely overworked at some point and get more possibilties for building.


lazylimey @lazylimey

Tks for response - look forward to updates!

Xelriel @xelriel

I would like to give this a Thumbs up but this mod is a little broken.
Walls don't sit at the same height as the others, Can't properly make the height of the towers to align with said walls, There are gaps in between some walls, And when i made this first structure, The walls don't line up with the towers :(

Refer to the image -

der_seBi @der-sebi

Thanks for your feedback.
Do you tested it again with the new update? For me it worked fine.
The gaps will be still there, because only two of the snap point are working fine with the walls, the other with the door.

Xelriel @xelriel

Yeah i can't stand the gaps, Messes up my head way too much so i'll have to avoid this until fixed.

Kapten Rödkägg
Kapten Rödkägg @kapten-rdkgg

It looks great in the screenshots, I haven't tried it yet, but could you make a version that uses the same textures as the rest of the game? I don't want my castle to clash with everything else.

der_seBi @der-sebi

If I will find out how to use different themes for the monuments I will also try to use another texture. But the texture I actually use is also an ingame texture.

Commander Jake Sulli
Commander Jake Sulli @commander-jake-sulli

This is awesome! Could you add a thick keep-like building?

der_seBi @der-sebi

Thanks for your praise.
Do you have an example for me? This would its make easier for me ;)

Commander Jake Sulli
Commander Jake Sulli @commander-jake-sulli

You deserve it!
Yes, this castle from AOE2

Like a chunky/thick stone building you can place towers on the corners of

der_seBi @der-sebi

I have started with the requested building. But it will take some time because of less time ;)

vjraymon @vjraymon

Looks nice! Now the support begins ! ;) (anyway the game is still in alpha)

Commander Jake Sulli
Commander Jake Sulli @commander-jake-sulli

You two should just work together and build a castle mod :P I have a feeling it would be very good <3

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Oooh yeah !
I can second this idea :D
Maybe what you could do to start is share your stones textures so your mods match together :)