Climbing Roses v4 for Foundation

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Published by LisaMockingbird (mod ID: 811022)


A new way to decorate with Climbing Roses that is much faster.

I love Climbing Roses v3 so much and it is one of my favorite decoration mods but can be fiddly and tedious and take a long time to place a lot of vines on a tall building or low down along stone wall or fence. I end up using it less than I would like.

While working on my next decoration pack I stumbled on ... I mean invented a new way to decorate with these extremely quickly. I mean seriously a fraction of the time and once I tried it could not go back. I chatted with RaisinMuffin and he liked them as well and agreed that I could release them separately as Climbing Roses v4. It doesn't have the sunflowers which I also love and for now he will leave v3 up and perhaps in future move some to his other mods.

Plus there were a few things it lacked (for me) a right curving tall part, a vertical part, and downward left and right parts. Also sometime the stems would stick out when using some pieces higher up. I've disguised the stem ends and made the 4 new pieces from the originals (which were by mcmustache) and included all RaisinMuffin's new colors.

This will not conflict with v3 and you can use both mods on the same save game with no issues.

How to use this:

1. Find big or little empty wall. Pictures 1 & 1b

2. Place a grid of invisible snapping stalks. Pictures 2 & 2b

Pull them up vertically and space as close as you want you can move them later or add more flowers later too. They have a non-sticky white bubble on the top which shows you the front orientation (where the flowers will go) rotate this part to face out from the building. Shift click and this goes pretty fast. Note: I include the invisible snapping stalk in each color set for convenience, but they are the same item and you can mix and match as much as you like.

3. Start placing your chosen flower parts they will snap on the shafts and you can move them up or down till you are happy. Pictures 3, 4, 5, 3b

I use shift click to place several or the same ones quickly then continue until I like the flow of my design. Hit build any thing you don't like just hit edit you can delete or move or add more. The only thing you cannot change AFTER BUILD is the stalk heights but you can move and entire stalk in or out or over as needed and move or delete the individual flowers.

4. One word of advice - If you are like me you can get carried away placing too may decorations before hitting build - I cannot tell you how many times I've had 'too many vertices' crashes from RaisinMuffin's or Batyushki's other mods. If you are covering a really huge wall it would be better to cover part then use a new instance for next section. I mostly use these on my churches, small manors, and low brick walls.





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PersephoneHazard @persephonehazard

1) Aaaahhh THANK YOU, this is a genius idea and makes this gorgeous foliage usable

2) In my previous save it worked beautifully, but in my current one I'm getting the "too many vertices" crash literally as soon as I pop the monument peg down - so before I've had a chance to place a single leaf. Any ideas, or is this just a case of "modded games sometimes get weird"? ;-)

LisaMockingbird @lisamockingbird

well whenever I get that message I usually cut back and split it to 2 or more monuments
it happened to me a lot using fantasy decorations too much. One time I had it crash on reload so I removed the whole monument started over and used 3 versions and ended up getting the same thing. seemed to me to happen when I had too many unbuilt items on the screen. I also got it when I had fantasy deco, nature deco, furniture, and the old sunflowers all half built around a workshop. Try removing it and saving in a different screen location then try again? That's usually what I do if something breaks with any mods