Needs stones and planks. The houses are currently only decorative.

As for any minor attachment, the houses and coverages are a little bit tricky to snap. Remember that for a bridge, the ground level is under water. You have to pass the rotational point of the decoration over it in order to snap.

And hold shift and drag the start or end of the bridge to move it as a whole.

V1.1.0: Fixes an error in the model. If you already added decorations, you need to delete and rebuild your bridge.

Thanks for the translation to Russian to K1SK4.

V1.2.1: Adds tailor workshop (The tailor produces clothes and sells them on the bridge)

Please, follow the instructions to be sure the tailor will not walk on water:

Once you set the tailor workplace, some major knots floating in the air appear. You need to snap 2 workplace entrances to 2 of this knots at the extremities of the bridge.

Move the entrance above one knot over one extremity of the bridge (at least over the slope). Eventually rotate it until the knot appears red and click on left button of your mouse. No model appears yet, but you can check your click by the color red of the knot, and the number of stone required (1 for each entrance). (If you miss the red, then clear the blue extra point with right click, and retry)

Launch the construction. A white pole appears, and will disappear when the construction is finished.

Do the same for the other extremity.

Case of several workplaces: (currently there is only a workplace for a tailor, but this is for future usage and you can have still several tailor workplaces on the same bridge)

A new set of floating knots appears for each extra workplace. Each set of knots works only for its related workplace. So you need 2 entrances for 1 workplace, 4 entrances for 2 workplaces, 6 entrances for 3 workplaces and so on.... There is some kind of overlapping between the sets (see picture). It is a little bit tricky to set the entrances on the right knots. But follow the preceeding general instructions, check with the number of required stones and don't hesitate to save at each step.

See the picture for 10 workplaces.

I hope you will enjoy my mess my clever workaround! ;)

V1.2.4: Adds optional gates. Soldiers can be assigned on rampart.


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mat49a2 @mat49a2

Is it possible for the gate at the bridge to have knots to which the towers can be attached? Then it would become part of the city's fortifications.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Currently there is a discussion about the snapping between 2 monuments. So I wait the next game update.

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Ooooooh !
Its like, this one thing i have always been waiting for !
Thank you ♥

vjraymon @vjraymon

thank you too for your feedback !