Craghammer for Foundation

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Published by TheNuggs (mod ID: 688717)


(Designed to be played with Winter mod)
Farthest North, in the Frozen Wilds, lies the coastal fortress-town of Craghammer. Once a Gnome trading hub, exporting iron and silver from the nearby mines, the town was reinforced to protect against roaming Orc hordes. But not even the earthen trench and stone towers were enough to dispel the greatest of hordes, 12 Clans united under a single Chieftain. Crom Heart-Eater led the swift capture of Craghammer and its claim on regional trade, enslaving the surviving Gnomes and putting them back to work. Food is scarce in the arctic tundra, and fishing boats are in high demand, though expansion in the forest and quarry to the South have affected relations with local Mountain Giants. The Giants had a pact with the Gnomes for mining rights, unfortunately the Orcs did not honour the same terms. Though conflict between Orcs and Giants are avoided wherever possible, few who wander into the mountains ever return...

Special thanks to Casual for his heightmap skilzz!




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