A stand alone mod pack or an expansion to the Default Mod Pack save games

This mod pack includes features such as;

  • Insane Village Trading
  • Start with thirty villagers
  • 20000 initial gold capacity
  • Free territory
  • Almost free building
  • Default like starter quests
  • Sad villagers never leave
  • Save games are compatible with Default Mod Pack and Mod Pack Plus

Save games are compatible with Default Mod Pack and Mod Pack Plus

1.Save your game
2.Quit to main menu
3.Remove the Creative Mod Pack
4.Browse for new mods
5.Install Default Mod Pack or Mod Pack Plus
6.Load the save game

All Mod Packs are interchangeable on save games created using either mod. Remember to remove to first mod before trying to install the second or it will fail to install!

We have a discord! Anyone can join and make comments or suggestions for future mods. I can also show you how to edit to values to make a unique mod of your liking that will also be compatible with these save games :]

Credits to;

@pegasus - For general knowledge and understanding.
@fireofhades - For starting the default quest line and leather trade.
@majesticix @Mephisto - For their vast creativity and inspirational villages.
@everyone in the Foundation Discord - For all their help and support throughout my projects


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douglas-barreto87 @douglas-barreto87

how to install? does not seem to work with the latest update

Nicomod @nicholasgavinsheppar

can you post the log file with the error on the discord please because i am not having any issues with the mod myself

Guest @guest

Make faster building too please 😳

Nicomod @nicholasgavinsheppar

well each day is only 30 seconds long i believe compared to the default minute. but there is no proof of this increasing the building speed. and the immigration speed already has percentage filters on it based on happiness so that too is hard to record, but your days do indeed go by faster :] i will continue to update as more mod support becomes available, thanks for the feedback.