Deforestation Tools for Foundation

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Published by SkunkMonkey (mod ID: 171988)


Found on the Monument tab, placing the monument Stick will allow the player to choose from 3 different sized hexagon tools, Small, Medium, and Large. The Large tool is the size of a map hex, the medium half that, and the Small tool is half the Medium. There is also a Path tool that will allow you to create a narrow path through the forest. Placing the tool will remove all trees and leave nothing behind.

All credit for the code belongs to @firesofhades, author of Fiery Essentials from where this tool originated. Used with permission.

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mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Can you add another function - stone and berry removal? Sometimes they get in the way :)

SkunkMonkey @skunkmonkey

These cannot be removed by mods, sorry.

GalahadC @galahadc

Hello, I am using your mod (awesome !), But I have a problem and I was wondering if it was related to it. I used your mod to clear an area and remove all the trees, then built my dungeon there. Unfortunately, to build the medicinal garden (which I like to place next to my dungeon) I have to surround it with forest. So I placed a forester and asked to reforest the area around the garden, but the worker tells me that there is no reforestation area nearby :/ Could it be that your mod leaves the area cleared ? If so, how to remove it ? I clicked everywhere, tried to select the area, but I can't find the base to destroy it :/
Thank you in advance for your response !
PS : sorry for my bad English, it's not my language.

SkunkMonkey @skunkmonkey

Did you paint the area with Reforestation zone? The parts placed by the mod are removed after building and should not be blocking the Forester. Do note that a Forester will only plant half a hex distance away from his hut.

GalahadC @galahadc

Yes I placed one correctly, I even enlarged it thinking that it might be too small to be valid, but it doesn't work. I was wondering about the mod, because they are replanting in one part of the area only, but not the other (while the work hut is located in the middle) and it looked like I had removed the trees in this area with your tool. I imagine it was a bug that came from elsewhere, finally I moved my garden so the problem no longer arises. Thank you for your reply and your mod ! :)