Denmark - Custom MAP



After many many many hours, I hereby introduce you to the one and only, humble little land of Denmark!

It's basically the hole DK (Except Greenland) shrunk into what is now, a Foundation map.

And since it's so confusing to make these maps, I eventually made a visual map with all the locations of the resources, entrances/exits & starting points. You can find it below, since I thought I might come in handy for some of you. =)


After requests, I'll leave a download link below, for the hexagon/territory Grid I used for making Start areas and more, a lot more visual and easy.

Foundation Visual Territory Grid for Map Modding

This map Contains:

-Zealand / Sjælland
-Jutland / Jylland
-Island of Fyn
-Tiny/flat Hills
-Plenty of resources
-A total of 8 starting points!

-& About 15-20 hours of frustration, clicks & tears.

MAP Locations of resources and more!

denmark map overview 1.0.1

I love feedback, good and bad,

so feel free to give some down in the comments.

Hope you enjoy the map & and have a fun time!


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Guest @guest

Is there a mode where everything is small except for the map. So that will be having more space to create our village. Especially in these custom maps modelled to a country. Half the current size or 1/3 of the current size could be nice.

Casper033 @casper033

I absolutely agree. But so far I think it's not currently possible to with this way of modding maps.. (I've already tried some things.) But as soon as it's possible I'll absolutely make a bigger version of this map. That's for sure! ;D
Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated. =)

Guest @guest

Love your map. The fishing isn't working for me. Fisherman collects 50 fish then doesn't fish anymore. Goes in hut, but boat doesn't leave to get more fish. Also, could you add more fishing spots.

Casper033 @casper033

Sweet! Glad to know you like it. =D
I very much appreciate your feedback!

Guest @guest

Problem solved. Built a granary closer to fish hut.

Casper033 @casper033

Awesome. Great to hear you figured it out! =)

junkets @junkets

AMAZING map, exactly what I've wanted - a viking map, and what better than its Denmark!

In the western bay - in the little estuary in the center, your map shows two fishing points, but in game there only seems to be one.

Really cool work, thanks for this!

Casper033 @casper033

Thanks alot for the amazing compliment & feedback!
I'll try to get that mistake fixed in the next couple of days. Do tell, if you fall over more 'mistakes'
Every bit is much appreciated. =)

junkets @junkets

My four fishers leave that estuary often. Dunno why they would leave that amazing space - there must be more fish elsewhere.

Love your map! I dont think berry picker and fishers have to do with it... Looks beautiful, best map out there.

dystopianraven @dystopianraven

Very well made! Will be giving this a go for sure, screenshots look very pretty. I'm interested in what you used to create the height map?

Casper033 @casper033

Thank you very much Dysto!
All I used was Photoshop 2019 and alot of trail & error. + (time)
I'll recommend, no matter what program you choose to use. You should have the game open (It doesn't have to be closed everytime you've edited the mods files, just make sure to go out to the main menu)
and then basically trail and error your files/maps until it looks how you want it to.
Another tip on how I made my heightmap is, well.. Use alot of layers ontop of each other. (and use a brush with soft edges, as that will make the hills and slopes less steep.)

Feel free to ask, if you have further questions. =]

Guest @guest

Well done mate, the best one i've seen so far !

Casper033 @casper033

I really do appreciate your kind comment! Thank you so much mate! =D

Janu @janu

best custom map so far, good job!

Casper033 @casper033

Can't believe the overwhelming positive feedback. So happy to hear it though!

Thank you very much. It really is much appreciated/means alot! =D

Guest @guest

Brilliant map mate, absolute favourite so far. Thanks

Casper033 @casper033

For realz? 0.0 I really do feel very humbled by your kind comment. Thank you!^^
Your feedback is very much appreciated! =D

Guest @guest

Hi, there is a problem, the "tool" trader doesn't appears when you unlock the trader road in your map...

Casper033 @casper033

I found the issue & it's now fixed.
Again, thanks for letting me know!

Guest @guest

Hi, sorry to didn't respond to you, but this tread was "hidden" yesterday so... I couldn't see your question ^^.
Glad to see you found the problem, your map is cool, I will play with it again.

Casper033 @casper033

Hey, no problem buddy. I had to hide the map for a day or two, to make sure no more people had a bad experience; knowing the trading route was messed up.. (Thanks to you!)

I'm SO happy you enjoy it! Feels like all those hours wasn't a waste after all ;D

Casper033 @casper033

Thank you very much for commenting about the issue.
Is it at a specific island on the map, or anywhere you experience the problem?

I'll take a look in the meantime!