Dragons for Foundation

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Dragons are fierce creatures that come to your country looking for treasure. When a dragon arrives, they will first take some time to examine your town and defences. Then they will attack, spreading fire and destruction.

To avoid an attack, you must give the dragon tribute in the form of gold coins (100), gold bars (20), gems (4) or jewellery (2). These tribute items can be found in the Dragons monument in the Mods menu. Tribute items can be placed anywhere on the map. Dragons will require between three and five tribute items (for example, a total of 300-500 gold coins). Each tribute you offer reduces by one the amount of fire attacks the dragon will carry out. Considering the damage dragon attacks can cause, you should be sure to store up enough treasure to cover at least one dragon attack at all times.

If the dragon is fully appeased, you will get a reward of 10 influence in all three Estates after the dragon departs.

Dragon fires spread much more quickly than normal fires started by villagers, so while you can try to fight fires with Fire Brigades and Builders, you may not be able to contain the blaze. See the Fire mod for more information on fighting fires.

Dragons will not attack your village until you have 50 inhabitants. Dragon attacks are usually not more frequent than once or twice a year.

You can place dragons manually, just for the fun of seeing them attack. Remember to save your game beforehand!

RaisinMuffin for the gold chest model
Minotorious and VJraymon for making examples of movement and behaviour trees for me to follow
Imphenzia (from Youtube) for teaching me low-poly animal modelling in Blender








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facundo1 @facundo1

Hi batiushki. Are You still working on this? are you going to improve this mod?
Or just working on an other one?
Thanks for your working again!!!!

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi facundo1, no I'm not actively working on it, let me know what you would like to see added. I have some ideas for later improvements but doing some other projects at the moment.

facundo1 @facundo1

Hi Batyushki, i would like to see, the dragón walking, and flying.
Also i would like to use this mod, whith out fire mod, ir at lees with out fires not generated by it

Batyushki @batyushki

Thanks. Walking is not planned because the way I animate the dragon is by pivoting the wings, head and tail. Walking would require more complex animations which Foundation does not yet support. The dragon already flies, not sure what specifically you would add there? Understood about the fires, I will consider that.

facundo1 @facundo1

Please keep working on this, then You can go foward whith your others proyects. This mod is an exelent idea

facundo1 @facundo1

It Will be great if the dragón wolk arrownd too...

Wolfgang_the_Cunning @wolfgang-the-cunning

Where is Bard when you need him?

Will our warriors be able to throw spears at the Wyrms? Will our towers fire Scorpion and Ballistae to defend us? Does stone burn as fast as wood? Or at all? Will mist and rain dowse fire?

Red (fire), Black (acid... melts stone), Green (Gas Cloud... poisons land/people), White (ice... destroys crops), Blue (lightning... starts fires on tall buildings/forests)????

Good dragons?

Batyushki @batyushki

Lots of good ideas. I did plan on adding a ballista and eggs at some point, but have a few other projects to work on first.