Placeable Houses for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 700321)


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This mod has two different functions:

  1. Allows you to place the normal house models anywhere as fully functional houses. Only works on flat ground as the models don't have basements. Commoners and Citizens will still require high residential desirability. Houses will not upgrade.
  2. Universal Housing Blocks allow you to add housing to any building. Want people to live at their workplace? People living in tents or in a church? Tenements with 12 people in a single house? Now it's possible. Just add the block of your choice inside any building.

Thank you to Arthas_X for developing the setup for custom houses!

Not compatible with House Additions mod.










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kipstafoo @kipstafoo

Hey Batyushki. Any reason cottage industries don't work with this mod?

Batyushki @batyushki

kipstafoo yes the way I implemented cottage industries makes it impossible to combine the two.

javvito @javvito

When I put a placeable house the villagers do not want to live in that house

Batyushki @batyushki

javvito The same constraints apply to placeable houses as normal houses: the house must be close to their workplace, they must not already have a house, the house must match their status, and it must be in a desirable area if they are commoner or above.

ElCatone @elcatone

Absolutely love your mod! But, I also love House Addition V4. Is there a possibility they will be compatible at some point? I REALLY want to utilize both mods together! Thanks!

manux @manux

Another quick note. It seems like when using this mod with House Addition V4, this mod starts using some of its models, and it doesn't seem possible to access the different random variations of yours anymore, only 1 variation will spawn. I tried shuffling the order of the mods, but it didn't change anything.

Batyushki @batyushki

Yes House Addition V4 is not fully compatible with this mod. I'll make that note in the description.

manux @manux

Hi, I like many of your mods, been testing them recently, thanks so much!
I have a question about the Universal Housing blocks, maybe I'm using them wrong. If like you mention, I place them inside any building like a workplace, it seems impossible to access them afterwards, the building just occludes their selection completely.
I really like the idea thought! Maybe it's not possible with the current API, but it would be so much more practical if those universal blocks would appear directly in the UI of all buildings, just like the masterpieces. This way, the blocks would remain accessible and would have a direct link to the building in question.
If not, do you have a trick for using the ones you currently have, and still being able to access and monitor them when they are inside a building? The wooden keep dorm blocks work like a charm, but the universal ones I don't get. Thanks!

Batyushki @batyushki

manux Yes this is a current limitation, because they are not workplaces they don't show up anywhere after they're built. One way to get around it is to place them so that one side is just visible outside the building. I know it's not ideal but it does work to be able to see who lives there. Hopefully the new UI will help, or maybe I'll come up with some other creative solution.

manux @manux

Ok thanks. So there is no way currently to add things to all buildings in the game, like the masterpieces that always appear in the UI of pretty much any building (or maybe it's just monuments)? I quickly looked at the code of some mods trying to see if it was doable, but I'm really not familiar with the system, and there doesn't seem to be much documentation.

shastar2005 @shastar2005

Great job! Thats a nice mod, give me more options to fill empty spaces in my village. What can i do with all the snapspots?

Batyushki @batyushki

shastar2005 The snap points come with the houses, they are used to randomly attach different pieces together to make slightly different houses each time. There's nothing you can use them for, since there aren't any other pieces made available in this mod.