Entertainment Mod for Foundation

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Created by Jeff-norD (mod ID: 59668)


Mod built for V1.5

The Entertainment mod contains brand new buildings and jobs. It also generates desirability.

This includes:

  • A Keep with an execution platform
    • A villager can be assigned to work as a Soldier at the Keep (removed until the soldiers can be made to work properly)
  • A Keep Extension (snap it to the back of the Tower!)
    • Treasury or Bailiff Office function can be assigned to it
  • A Brothel (or a Galthel?, ladies can have fun too!)
    • A villager can be assigned to work as a Cleaner
  • A Bath House
    • Two villagers can be assigned to work as Cleaners
  • A Bath addition related to the Bath House (put that on a flat area)
  • A Barber Shop with interior! (It's useless but it was fun to make. Also works WAY better on flat terrain)
    • A villager can be assigned to work as a Barber there
  • A Saloon (anachronism!)
    • Two villagers can work as Bartender there
  • The Haunted Mansion Modular Monument
    • Few pieces but endless opportunities!
      • Important note: To avoid texture Z-fighting you should never use the same extension piece back to back
    • Extensions Parts can be assigned Treasury or Bailiff Office functions

All of this for your villagers to look at when they run to do their errands.

Available in English, French and German!

Thanks to:

  • Skodone for the Blender helps
  • firesofhades, der_sebi, Minotorius and vjraymon from Foundation Discord for the global help
  • firesofhades and der_sebi for taking over the mod for me
  • der_sebi for German translation
  • mat49a2 for plenty of ideas
  • Léo, Phil and Maxime for all the answers to my questions






















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mat49a2 @mat49a2

Haunted Mansion - great!
I demand that you immediately assign the functions of the manor house! After all, the manor house next to your building is a poultry house. Seriously, you overdid the dark colour a little (in my opinion). The windows on the front of the building are practically invisible when you are away. Another thing - it would be useful to be able to add windows also on the ground floor. That's it now, because I'm crying when I compare your manor with the manor from the game.

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Jeff-norD @jeffnord

I will add manor function in the future yes. I will also see what I can do with the colors. It's dark on purpose ^_^

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Allow me to write my remarks:
1) Saloon - can I add the sale of wine to the building? It is a pity to waste such a building. And people go to the living room, not to drink water :) There would be an additional building, which we can put where it is not profitable to build a tavern. And the money from the sale.
2) Bathhouse - I don't think that's why you didn't make nice stairs so employees wouldn't use them? Now they jump up the stairs and don't go up the stairs. Maybe a balustrade with a blockade of the passage?
3) Burdel - I was already drooling at the thought of a beautiful girl waving at me from the balcony. And here, it turns out that he has so much work that he doesn't have time to go to the balcony :) Seriously - it would look great.
I think so - maybe add to the building the function of a shop?
We have then:
a) profit from the building - sale of goods (but not wine, honey and herbs - not to compete with the tavern, I think rather about food - cheese?)
b) vendor animation - if you make the default location of the employee on the balcony (I thought about this place, actually will wave to passers-by.
I wonder if the translator will translate well what I wrote?
Just now I thought what you could sell in a brothel - underwear :)
Only you would have to think about a nice production building - just like a tailor, only makes underwear instead of clothes. And add it to the sale, as it is with hats.
And a barber - a railing by the stairs could be useful here, too. Admittedly, the employee goes up the stairs, but in my opinion - it would look nice.
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Jeff-norD @jeffnord

Sadly it looks like I won't be able to add the function of selling wine to the Saloon because the game crashes on load if I do so...
For the Brothel, I can't add custom animation like stated before. So it will just be someone standing there. For now I won't add that because it will look silly.
I will fix the Bath House though.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Can you see what's going on with the brothel? I think it's too big a blocking zone. If I want to move the building towards the path near the fence, so that the front is flush with the wall in the inn - it blocks access to the inn. And I wanted to move the brothel closer to the path to make it look like a visit to the building. At the bathhouse I managed to do it :)
By the way, pay attention to the fountain and well. I used a bonfire from mod Fantasy Decorations - it cleans the grass, and when placed in a fountain or well it is not visible. Maybe you should contact RaisinMuff1n, as he did that his elements eliminate grass and it does not appear again.

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Jeff-norD @jeffnord

Should be fixed now. Also, dirt should be permanent under buildings. (I hope).

mat49a2 @mat49a2

There's something wrong with grass cleaning. It's not just for you. See what the hangman's building looks like, the village centre (mod Village Additions) and the bonfire by the hangman's building (mod Fantasy Decorations).
This is what it looks like right after you load the game
And so, after about 30 minutes of play...
As you can see, the only thing left by the bonfire is a clean area without grass.
By the way, I boast of my city - see what the "entertainment center" looks like now :)

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Jeff-norD @jeffnord

I don't think I'll be able to do anything about it. I'll have a look though.
And, beautiful city! <3

vjraymon @vjraymon

It seems that the default value of IsPermanent doesn't work.

Jeff-norD @jeffnord

Oh! Was not aware of that value. Thanks!

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Thank you for the hangman's stump. Another thing - can you make sure that the building is permanently cleaned of grass during the construction of the building, such as in the case of the warehouse? Then you would avoid something like that.

Jeff-norD @jeffnord

I tought about it. I will see how I'll do it in the future since my building has a L shape and the system only supports a square or a circle.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Maybe you can define a sub-part for the stairs, with its own rectangle? (But I am not sure at all it works ! )

Jeff-norD @jeffnord

Yes it works! I just discovered that :)

mat49a2 @mat49a2

If the letter L, then you use the square

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I thought you could make a difference in the hangman's building. Replace the gallows with

Look, we've already got the gallows in mod. And this would be some kind of change. In my opinion, there wouldn't be much work to do - remove the gallows, cover the hole in the middle of the elevation and instead of it give a trunk with an axe. What do you say?
Now I'm doing it like this, but it's a makeshift. 2.jpg?dl=0

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Jeff-norD @jeffnord

Not a bad idea indeed.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I have such a question - some buildings before the start of construction, you can put it to see if it stands where it should and only then turn the construction on. Can you do something like that in your mod? I'm asking because I've just "built" a bathhouse 3 times because I didn't like its arrangement. And every time you lose materials :(
And one more thing - add an executioner :) I have very bad intentions when I look at the gallows, and without the executioner I won't realize them :)
And it doesn't even have to have a hood, and even better if it doesn't have one :)

Jeff-norD @jeffnord

I am not exactly sure what you mean about the "before the start of construction". The building doesn't end at the same place as you want to build it?

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I mean that the building can be moved after the construction, and only after we say that everything is ok, we start the construction.

Jeff-norD @jeffnord

Oh! I see. I will look into it!