Fantasy Decorations for Foundation

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Published by RaisinMuff1n (mod ID: 38664)


This is a various collection of fantasy/medieval themed decorations to spice up your village.

Almost every single decoration has a height adjustment for placing decorations anywhere you want.

In this collection, there are :

  • Wooden Cart, Crane, and Barge with Different Resource Layouts
    • 12 different resource layouts snap into the carts, the barges, and onto the cranes
  • Siege Weaponry
    • Trebuchet + Throwing Stones
    • Ballista + Rack with Bolts
  • 15 Crate Layouts
  • 2 Log Sizes + 5 Different Layouts
  • 11 Barrel Layouts
  • 4 Hay Bale Stacks
  • 3 Grain Sacks
  • 3 Cloth Spools + 3 Different Layouts
  • 13 Flowers + 9 Flower Pots
  • 6 Hanging Lanterns + 6 Lantern Posts
  • 5 Weapon Racks
  • 3 Burning Braziers
  • 3 Targets
  • 9 Furniture Styles
  • 6 Door Styles
  • 10 Window Styles
  • 5 Bushes
  • 8 Gravestones
  • 6 Fence Layouts
  • 3 Grass Clearing Circles (Small - Medium - Large)
  • 24 Various Miscellaneous Decorations
    • Campfire (Burning and Extinguished)
    • Candelabra
    • Cartwheel
    • Cat
    • Cauldron
    • Cooking Pot
    • Dragon Statue
    • Dog
    • Fishing Net
    • Guillotine
    • Hanging Cages
    • Pumpkin
    • Skulls on Spikes x2
    • Sword in Stone
    • Chopped/Stacked Wood
    • Strange Plant
    • Stump with Axe
    • Tools in Barrel
    • Tools on Rack
    • Wooden Bucket (Milk and Water)
    • Wooden Chest
    • Wooden Trough
    • Wooden Tub (Milk and Water)

I hope you all enjoy this collection! I've had a lot of fun creating this mod.

Feel free to let me know of any decorations you'd like to see in the game. I'll try my best to keep new things coming.

Shout out to:

  • for the German translations
  • @Ozymandias on discord for the many ideas
  • @MikeFoxy on discord for the many ideas

I post new decoration updates every once in a while

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mat49a2 @mat49a2

There is a dog and a cat. And can you add a horse? You could put it by carts and taverns (they have a stable building). It could be made in two versions - with saddle and harness.

LordSeth @lordseth

another suggestion: pillory and stocks. There is another mod that ha a pillory but is not adjustable and you other devices are a little on the extreme side ;-)

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yeah, I didn't really want to make a pillory because yes we do already have one in the Decorative Stuff Mod but I suppose I could make my own version. I did have some ideas for some more "punishment" devices, I'll have to include a pillory and maybe some stocks in there.

MAJKY666 @majky666

when will fix/update for the monument core piece go live? i mean no pressure.

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yes sorry, everything should now be updated. Wanted to include some new things in with the update.

MAJKY666 @majky666

no worry, thank you!

LordSeth @lordseth

didn't play the game for a few versions and returning to it now I'm impressed by the amount of items you added in this time! Don't know if you are accepting requests but have a few suggestions:
- I was decorating a farm and thought would be nice to have a scarecrow (and maybe some birdies to go alongside it?)
- the cat and dog are nice, but because they are obviously static they can feel a little wired. Maybe would be nice to have a sleeping version of those, that way they would integrate better (and cats sleep 90% of the time anyway :P)
- a cleaning grass stone but square/rectangular, to make neat roads

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

A scarecrow is a great idea and yes I do think the cat and dog could use some work. As for the square grass clearing, I wanted to do that a while back but the square dirt shapes don't stay permanently. I thought things may have changed in the new update but from some testing, it still seems to be the same as before.

LordSeth @lordseth

at least in my new 1.6 game in some places I'm using you pathway from Medieval Walls (I use ALL your mods, lol) and the grass didn't return (I remember it did return when I was playing 1.4, so it did change after all I guess?). Having a snapping pathway like those would even be better than a stone, only transparent like the stones of this one so we have a plain dirt option for lesser roads

PS: BTW, I LOVE how your pathways adapt to the terrain, they look really cool (and, like their real life counterparts, feel a pain to transit, lol)

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Those pathway tiles actually have a small circle shape under them. It works it that case because they are hidden underneath. Still trying to figure out a way to make some sort of dirt version.

Aelwynn @aelwynn

Maybe a square road tile instead of the grass clearing? Would serve the same purpose I would think.

Aelwynn @aelwynn

Love your mod, but I noticed that the building marker you now have to place before construction does not disappear after I place a gate. As far as I can tell the markers disappear when I place game buildings but for mod items they remain. Is this a glitch on the game's part or something that cannot be changed with mods?

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

My intent is to have them disappear, still working out some issues. Unfortunately as of now, you'll have to hide the signs. I did anticipate them to get a bit annoying and I do apologize for that. *Edit* I do have a fix for the monument core piece, going to put an update out soon. The signs will be removed and I'll most likely be reusing them for a different mod sometime in the future.

Aelwynn @aelwynn

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response and all the work you have done. I really enjoy using this mod.

On a side note, I've found a use for the strange plant...I place a pumpkin on top and in various places around the vines to make a decorative pumpkin patch. In case you wanted to add a new foliage item might try combining the two for a new plant to add to your set. Just a thought.

JenYYY @jenyyy

Unfortunately, it does not work with the latest update 1.6.10. I can't use it

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

It has been updated for the newest game version and everything is working fine on my end. What exactly does the error say after trying to use it?

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I haven't played for a few days and yesterday after launching the game I updated three mods - Windows Decorations for Foundation, Stone Gate Set V5 for Foundation and Fantasy Decorations for Foundation. And now I have a problem - after updating the mod, if I want to upload the game from the save, the game is thrown to the desktop. If I start a new game is ok. I don't know which mod is responsible for this, so please - can you check your updates?

Translated with (free version)

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yes it's probably this one, please see the warning above. It should let you load the game at least. It'll only crash once you edit a decoration from the old version. This update required a few things to be rewritten but it's well worth it because everything now has height scaling.

DynamiteTiger @dynamitetiger

You can use version 3.0 aka zip 11 above, on old saves. But first you need to remove the mod folder completely, reload the save. Game will warn you that mod is missing. Load anyway and all mod objects will be gone. Save and exit. Install mod manually and reload save with mod absent, re-add mod before loading save. You'll need to start over with decorations, but the verticality is worth it.

shastar2005 @shastar2005

Unfortunatly this do not work. I uninstall the mod, tryied to load the save without the mod, but it crashes all time. Then it worked with an older save game, but after reinstall the mod and try to load the new "clean" save it crashes again. I guess my save is trash now and i have to start a new game. *sigh

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Thank you for that Tiger! Due to new features some of the code had to be changed slightly which will cause crashes when clicking on old decorations. Upgrade at you're own discretion.