With Fiery Essential I aim to provide a one-stop-shop for things I feel everyone should have easy access too, without having to download a separate mod for every basic feature or feeling like you wish you could just tweak that 1 thing a little bit.

The Foundation API gives us access to some very useful values to tweak. The core of Fiery Essential is basically that it reads those values from a text file, which you can very simply edit with the editor located in the mod's install dir. This gives you the power to easily tweak a large portion of the game as if it's just an in-depth options menu.

Things i plan to include are QOL-tweaks, bigger features of which I feel they would get used enough, and basic gameplay settings.

Feel free to suggest things, give feedback and of course ask questions. If you do this in the comment section please tag me with "@firesofhades" to make sure I notice you.


  • Fully configurable creative, default(vanilla) and custom gameplay setting templates
  • A configuration editor, did i mention its a lot of settings...
  • Most settings related to balance mods, including trade villages
  • Fish and available church capacity(faith) are shown in the toolbar, and settings to add/remove other resources
  • Villagers pay a 2 gold tithe when visiting a church, also configurable, as are the buy prices of other resources
  • A delivery quest that is basically an infinite resources button (only works on the creative template)
  • A small amount of influence at the start, just enough to buy the things not unlockable with the creative profile
  • 8000 villager names
  • Fountains provide water
  • And more

suggested features

  • An easy way to share your custom profile with other users
  • A per resource toggle to allow a resource to be negative (so using resources as maintenance cost will be more realistic)


No dependencies, but since Fiery Essential touches a lot of things and you might want to use some of its features at the same time as another balancing mod, it is wise to put it at the top of the list. This means that Fiery Essential will make it's changes first. If another mod then changes the same thing, it will override Fiery Essential's change. If the other mod was above Fiery Essential, Fiery Essentials would have overridden its changes instead.

The editor

The editor is located in the mod's installation folder, if you installed manually, you should know where it is. If you installed the mod through the game it is probably located at Documents\Polymorph Games\Foundation\mods\500. You are free to make a shortcut to use it from another location, you can't move the .exe though as it won't be able to find the config files anymore if you do.


In broad strokes

the main settings tab is where you can find global settings:

  • choose which profile is used
  • turn of the welcome messages/quests
  • toggle 8000 villager names
  • toggle creative buildings
  • toggle creative happiness
  • toggle the water providing fountain

For settings that impact gameplay(i should probably move some of those in the previous section) you have 3 profiles to use named:

  • default (mimics the vanilla game)
  • creative (gives you as much of a sandbox experience as i can)
  • custom (whatever you want it to be, hard mode maybe?)

using these profiles you can pretty much create your own perfect versions of a sandbox, slightly tweaked vanilla, or something totally different.

In depth

Main Settings

Most of the main settings are pretty straight forward and do what one would think they do. Some deserve more explaining.

"balancing mode" lets you choose which profile to use, switching from 1 profile to the other on the same save shouldn't cause much (if any) issues.

"creative happiness" causes happiness to go up when it should be going down, by making your people "unhappy" you can push happiness far above 100 to increase immigration speed. Immigrants can spawn fast enough to form a literal line into your town so keep an eye on them. WARNING: enabling or disabling this feature will reset the needs of all your villagers (might cause a supply issue)

"creative buildings" changes production buildings that produce finished commodities or construction materials to provide an infinite amount of them. Villagers can buy their stuff straight from the workplace. And builders can grab A LOT of materials in one go. Other changes are:

  • The well provides 50 splendor for each estate
  • The market stalls provide infinite fish, clothes, and wine resectively
  • The decorative bush provides infinite berries (villagers can get their berries here)
  • The cypress provides infinite faith (pagans can go to "church" here)
  • The windmill provides infinite glass


The profiles can be accessed with the tabs at the top of the editor window, they contain 4 tabs themselves; balancing, buildings, trading villages and resources.


"Day duration" - length of a day in seconds (influences when churches reset, Thats about it.

"starter families" - how many families you start the game with, 1 family consists of 2 villagers so you will get twice as many villagers as the number you put in.

"minimum happiness for leaving" - villagers will start leaving if happiness gets below this number. With a positive number villages will leave as soon as you start the game, since their happiness will be 0.

"gold capacity" - Your max gold at the start of the game.

"tree grow speed"- How fast a tree grows. 0 = 0%, 1 = 100%, i think...

"initial tree size" - How big a tree is when the forester plants it. 0 = 0%, 1 = 100%.

"minimum tree size for gathering" - How big must trees be to allow woodcutting.

"minimum tree size for hunting" - How big must trees be to allow hunting.

"Tree fertility settings" - have fun figuring it out...

"starting tile requirements" - Resources that have to be in a tile to make it qualify as a starting tile.

"territory price" - List of resources and amounts that must be payed to buy a territory.

"territory taxes" - The list to the left are the territories in the order you buy them, you can add a territory to the list with the button. For the vanilla game territory 1 would cost 0 gold, 2 would cost 10 gold, etc. You can select a territory from the list to start editing its taxes to the right. You can remove the currently selected territory by right-clicking the list.


One thing to note is that not every setting will work for every building, some things are just missing from the API

To the left is a list of buildings, You can use this list to select a building to change some of their settings, The settings are:

  • Upfront cost
  • Maintenance
  • Construction Resources

these are pretty self-explanatory and I think we all know them well enough, This is one group of settings that is sometimes missing for a building

  • Unlocked with estates
  • Villagers required to unlock

Unlocked with estates determines if a building is accessible through the building menu. Setting this to false means the building will be unlocked by villager status and count when . These are another group of settings that are not available for all buildings, Some even miss both.

Trading villages and resources

Trading villages should be pretty straight forward. Resources is where you can toggle resources in the toolbar and change how much villagers pay for commodities. Keep in mind that putting to many resources on the toolbar will make all the resources disappear from it if it gets too wide. If you do have questions, feel free to ask.


where did creative go?


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Reciprocity82 @reciprocity82

Hello, I want to thank you for your mod! So nice to go in and adjust somethings the way I want. Amazing work, I wouldn't even know the first thing about creating one of these mods.

I was curious though, what is the possibility for adding the ability to change the amount of workers or the amount of visitors a building part can have/hold? Such as increasing the church-goer amount?

firesofhades @firesofhades

the new addition of building functions opens up a lot of settings like the number of workers.

firesofhades @firesofhades

I can't say when, but both of those and more will be added ;)
although most monument parts havn't been exposed yet, so the church will have to wait :(

kubaprz @kubaprz

firesofhades do you have discord

kubaprz @kubaprz

hey how do i use the cheat menu

firesofhades @firesofhades

you need to store at least 1 berry in a granary, then complete the quest

kubaprz @kubaprz

the mod cant load

firesofhades @firesofhades

sending me the mod-500(.log) file in Documents\Polymorph Games\Foundation would be helpful

kubaprz @kubaprz

i reinstalled the game becuse i didnt find the log and the mods works again!

TheBruceofWayne @thebruceofwayne

Whats new in the new version today? Does it resolve the houses being instantly completed?

firesofhades @firesofhades

i try to describe the changes as well as i can in the changelog (notepaper icon behind the file)

todays update makes it so custom trade villages(up to 20) don't break when updating and allows you to share those saves (with the profile)

yesterdays update fixed an issue that broke taverns

the houses things should have been solved by the update 6 days ago, make sure to check the settings associated with the "BUILDING_HOUSE_LVL1_UNEXPOSED", if you don't want houses to build instantly you need to set "free houses" to false

wheatbarleyKA @wheatbarleyka

So under 'building functions' the default setting for creative is not set to 'all buildings assignable'. I tried to switch it but the editor just switches it back to 'all buildings vanilla'. This didn't happen before the update today. Is this a bug or am I stupid? lol

wheatbarleyKA @wheatbarleyka

nvr mind. the issue has resolved itself

Guest @guest

Thank you for this mod. It made my dreams <sandbox gameplay with no restrictions> come true.

firesofhades @firesofhades

your welcome :D
i wouldn't say with no restrictions just yet, but it is getting close ; )

Janu @janu

very close :)
i felt last time like this when i discover mods in cities skyline ;)
foundation with this mod is a gamechanger.

Noctopus @noctopus

My editor looks nothing like what is posted in the pictures, plus there doesnt seem to be any effect when I change things

firesofhades @firesofhades

The UI got changed and yours looks the way it is supposed to look.
What have you tried to change that didn't seem to have an effect?
without more details all i can do is assume you are changing something in the creative profile without actually switching to it. (active profile in the main section, shown in your screenshot)
it could be the editor doesn't have permissions to the configuration files, but i do believe an error window would pop up notifying you of that issue.

Noctopus @noctopus

Ive attempted changing to creative by swapping the active profile, didnt seem to have any effect in game

firesofhades @firesofhades

then something is indeed wrong, when you opened the editor after that, did it still say the active profile was creative?
did you get a delivery quest for 1 berry when you placed the village center?

Noctopus @noctopus

yep it was still the active profile and I didnt get the quest

firesofhades @firesofhades

That suggests the mod simply didn't get loaded.
Make sure you activate the mod when starting a new game by selecting it from the drop down and clicking add: Imgur.com

if you are adding it and it still doesn't work i would be interested in the logs, the log files can be found at Document\Polymorph Games\Foundation and are named foundation.log and mod-500.log (depending on your system settings the ".log" part might be hidden

i am assuming you used the ingame mod interface to install, if you installed manually, the mod-500 file will be named after the folder you created for it, in the case of manual installation you should also make sure the folder structure is correct, Foundation\mods\folderYouMade\contents of zip