Flax for Foundation

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Flax was one of the first plants to be domesticated by humans, and a primary source for cloth fibre until recent times. The plant is cut, dried, "retted" in water, then crushed and combed. The resulting fibres can be spun as yarn or woven into linen cloth.

In this mod you will build flax farms and the associated workplaces to process the flax. The finished material is then an alternative input for Weaver's Huts to produce cloth.

Farms are unlocked at 25 Serfs or above.


  1. Place a Flax Farm. Assign up to three workers. These are similar to wheat farms: you must draw a planting area which will be harvested on a 21 day cycle. The farm produces Dried Flax (which can only be stored on the farm).
  2. Place a Retting Pond. One pond can service more than one farm. Assign a worker. The pond will take Dried Flax from the farm and produce Retted Flax (which can only be stored on the farm).
  3. Place a Crushing and Combing Yard. Assign a worker. The Yard will take Retted Flax from the pond and produce Flax, which can be warehoused or taken directly to the Weaver's Hut.
  4. Your Weaver Hut will now show two options for producing Cloth, one for Wool and one for Linen. If you add the mod to a saved game, Weaver Huts will stop producing Woolen Cloth until you set the function.


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ldylarke @ldylarke

love this! so creative. can't wait to try it in game. thank you so much for your awesome mods!

vjraymon @vjraymon

Once this mod is enough tested, please, could you add the resource Flax to Common Resources in order to improve my Water mill ?