Founder Valley for Foundation

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Published by Good.KaT (mod ID: 46850)


Custom map made as an attempt to mimic the Foundation Artwork topography.

1.6 Ready





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feramoan @feramoan

Good.Kat -- lovin' the map! There are sooo many delicious nodes to prospect that one must pick and choose based on one's starting location, but when the mandate choice window opens, the list is sooooo long that players are unable to SCROLL DOWN to access all choices (it's also impossible to access a blueprint instead).

Is implementing a scroll bar possible?

Good.KaT @goodkaat

Hey feramoan, glad you like the map!
Indeed, I hadn't noticed that once the three part of the map are unlocked, the list becomes so long that you don't have access to the blueprints anymore (and a good part of the mineral nodes too).
On my side I can't do anything to fix this, apart from removing a good part of the minerals. I think the devs didn't expect someone to put so many resources ^^.
I'm letting them know and hopefully they'll add a slider soon.
Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this will be fix soon.

Good.KaT @goodkaat

So this new version works well, however I noticed some minor issues:

I manually scaled, stretched and buried some minerals mainly for aesthetic reasons on the general aspect of the map. Once prospected, the 3D model of the discovered ores change (except for the stone quarry I believe). The proportions are not exactly the same anymore and this can change the visual aspect of the rocks disposition. So be careful when prospecting, especially if you have buildings or roads nearby if you dont want to mess your landscape!

As a lot of minerals are streched and scaled to add more variations, it can lead to weird aspect of ladders placement or streched scaffoldings once prospected but all remain usable.
There are plenty of ressources on the map so I precognize not prospecting all areas, for example, if you prospect the big central cliff on the river, it may result with a new model that fill the river oddly.

For now, it will stay as it is but if a lot of people complain about this minor graphical issue, I shall redo the mineral distribution.
Feel free to tell me what you think about this !

Thanks for the read and enjoy the map ;)

Silverian67 @silverian67

Thank you so much, you're not a Good.Kat, you're a Great.Kat! Now I have to break the news to my wife that I will be busy building all week!!!

Good.KaT @goodkaat

Haha, thanks Silverian67!
Please read my post above about the minerals. It's useful to have this in mind to fully enjoy my map.
Have a great time on the game! ;)

Good.KaT @goodkaat

Hey guys, I'm glad you still want to play this map.
Didn't have much times these days to look into this 1.6, I may have to alter the tree density maps but I'll definitly update this map soon!

Silverian67 @silverian67

My favourite Foundation map - great topography and well balanced resources....when you can find the time please, please, update it so it is usable again.

goddrengen @goddrengen

Is there an update planned?:)

Abel.mess @abelmess

Best modded map for Foundation imo, I really like it. Awesome work.

Casper033 @casper033

Wow, This map looks awesome, very majestic looking with the huge mountain!
Well done! I'll definitely have to give this map a try sometime. =)

Good.KaT @goodkaat

Thanks, I'm glad you like it !
Pushing the max height to 300% makes it stand epic.
I have to make otherr map like this ;)