Frontier Essentials for Foundation

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I like to build small outpost hamlets as I expand into new territory. With this mod you don't have to build a granary, warehouse, markets and a church just to support a handful of settlers. I have made simplified workplaces which cut down on the number of workers and fit into a smaller space.

These workplaces don't produce much but they should be sufficient for a hamlet of 10 or 12 people. Once these workplaces are up and running, your settlers should not need to travel back to the main town.

Builder's Table. A smaller version of the Builder's Workshop with the same functionality.
Preacher's Tent. A tent where the itinerant preacher delivers God's word. Villagers visit to satisfy their need for Faith.
Forager's Cart. A cart for two workers that gathers and sells berries. Villagers buy directly from the cart.
Trapper's Tent. A tent for two trappers to hunt and sell game. I have renamed Boar to "Game" in this mod to make it more generic, but the trappers work just like the hunter's hut, they need a hunting zone. Villagers buy food directly from the tent.

If you load this mod after loading Security and/or Fuel, you will also get two additional items:

Woodcutter's Cart (Fuel mod). Cuts wood and sells it as fuel. Room for two woodcutters.
Camp Fire (Security mod). Keeps the hamlet feeling secure by always having a fire going (and something nice brewing in the pot). The Fire Keeper gathers wood like a woodcutter so make sure there are trees nearby.

To activate these two items just make sure to put Frontier Essentials last in the mod load order.


  • Warehouse and Granary workers will not pick up from these workplaces, because they are selling directly to villagers (like market stalls).
  • I can't provide simplified housing yet so the villagers using this mod will still need and build normal houses.
  • The Builders tend to hammer on their own table when preparing for a job, I can't change that behavior.


This mod incorporates Fantasy Decorations by RaisinMuff1n for the camp fire (that mod will load automatically when you install this one). I highly recommend the decorations from that mod for your settlement.


Common Resources V1
Fantasy Decorations














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wStein @wstein

Thanks for your mod!
My villagers (newcomers) still have to return to the village center after drinking & eating (for their social needs?), so in trying to avoid this, I extended your building list (row 172 in essentials.lua) by adding "BUILDING_PART_VILLAGE_CENTER" to the menu. The village center appeared in the menu and i could place it, but the game crashed immediately when I started the building proccess.
I think there are two questions here:
1. Do you know why above described action crashes the game?
2. Am I using the mod wrong? How can it be arranged, such that the villagers don't need to return to the original village center? Should I send serfs instead of newcomers and provide residential area?
PS: I have neither the security nor the fuels mod installed.

Batyushki @batyushki

It will help if they are serfs, since they will build a house in the outpost instead of returning to the village center.

I don't think you can create a 2nd village center, I have run into the same crash as you when trying this.

silvercree1602433389 @silvercree1602433389

Tried to load this when I started a new game this afternoon, says it cannot load.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi, did you install the mod from within the game? Maybe you are missing the dependency (fantasy decorations)?

silvercree1602433389 @silvercree1602433389

Yeah that's probably it. i just reinstalled the game and I didn't install that mod yet. Will give that a try