Fuel for Foundation

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In the Middle Ages, the need for fuel to heat and cook was vital to the well-being of all people, rich and poor. Vast tracts of land were given over to woodland where deciduous trees were managed in rotation to produce firewood for towns and cities. In this mod, all villagers have a need for Fuel which can be met either by Wood or Coal. A Fuelmonger sells fuel from a cart. The Fuelmonger can gather fuel either from warehouses or directly from workplaces that produce wood or coal. Fuel is bought for 2 gold by villagers, and must be bought every 2-3 days.

Tree growth is set to a quarter of normal speed in this mod to create the need for larger, more realistic areas of woodland to support the population. Make sure to keep enough forests growing to meet both your construction needs and the need for fuel.

To get to 100% happiness in the first part of the game, you will need to have a fuelmonger's cart selling wood, otherwise people cannot achieve full happiness.

With permission, I re-used some models from RaisinMuff1n's excellent decoration mods to build the fuelmonger's cart.







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Tommy_Cooker @tommy-cooker

After one of the recent updates I had a problem where the carts were invisible and one of the fuelmongers was stuck unable to leave work. Deleting and rebuilding fixed it.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

That's a great idea. One amendment would only be useful - for buyers to become BEFORE the seller, not in his place. Nowadays, they either "go in" on the salesman, or take his place when he's not there.

batyushki @batyushki

I agree. I tried to do multiple paths but it didn't work - will need a dev to help understand why that code is not working.