Gothic Cathedral for Foundation

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Let the town folks build a proper gothic cathedral, to provide the faith to masses and to make a monument worth mentioning in history books.

Cathedral has a little different approach to construction. More modular, or "architectural". Every piece has snapping points to ease the construction.

Here is the basic idea of ground plan:


The cross section of the cathedral can look like this:


The windows on the side are meant like this:


But of course use any of these parts ad libitum :)

More info coming...


  • construction phases
  • more towers
  • more pinacles and molding
  • various roofs
  • window attach point correction
  • chapel roof
  • construction cost setting
  • more skins, especially the colourful one






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Cor_Leonis79 @cor-leonis79

Hi there,

1.) I have a problem with this mod, I started building a cath center yesterday, stopped at half and saved the game, today I wanted to finish it, I couldn't confirm the construction, why is this?

2.) Could it be that components for the crossing tower are missing?
I do not find the crown for the crossing tower!

Thank you for an answer, and please excuse my English.

Dark_cz @dark1612090657

It happens, it is a problem of the game. For now, I don't know, how elegantly solve this.
Usually some of the pieces is somehow blocking it. Bad solution is to save the game and remove one piece after another, until it is confirmable. Then you know, which piece was blocking the construction, you may load the game and delete this one piece. Sorry for inconvenience, better solution is not known for now.

Cor_Leonis79 @cor-leonis79

Thank you for your prompt reply.

What about the crown of the tower, is it possible that components are missing?

Dark_cz @dark1612090657

I don't know what you mean. Piece called Crossing is meant as part of the main building. On top of the crossing, there can be a tower attached, which should have its crown. I plan to include wider 4x4 tower (having 2x2 and 3x3 already) in the near future.

BruceWayne1 @brucewayne1

Dues Vult!

flashback @flashback

Amazing! I love this! I’m looking forward to the updates currently in the TODO list. Two questions: would it be possible to make so you can have one tower in the middle instead of two towers on the side (like for instance St Rumbold’s Cathedral in Mechelen, Belgium) and more differently colored windows would be awesome as well. Thanks for this amazing mod!

flashback @flashback

Also, smaller towers for the crossing, like the one on Notre Dame de Paris, would be very sweet as well. :D

mess.a @mess7

it's beautiful

MoreBread @morebread

The cathedral is very beautiful, it is the last thing that was missing to make a beautiful city.

Is it possible to increase the number of people in the modules ?
Following the plan we barely reach 500 people and the cathedral is already imposing.
A cathedral of this size can hold up to 9,000 people.

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Dark_cz @dark1612090657

Thank you. I will think about the capacity, although it will probably not be in thousands of people.

MoreBread @morebread

Multiplying by 2 the capacity would be sufficient. 1000 for the default plan seems to be a good compromise.

An important point that the mod lacks is desirability, currently I am forced to build a church in the cathedral to attract the villagers to settle around.

Dark_cz @dark1612090657

This is valid point. I plan to look into it more in December.

MiguelAAFA @miguelaafa

This looks amazing!!! =D Damn... I want to try this one!! Thank you ;)