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Grid Material Map/Territory Hex Grid

Foundation's core hex grid in various formats and how to use it.

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Foundation's Territory Hex Grid and Guide

Hexagonal grids are a core mechanic of Foundation. If you've played the game, you know that 90% of the map is purchasable in-game via territories in the shape of a grid pattern. When designing maps it's difficult to know where things lie when it comes to territorial boundaries. The following is a result of my research into map making and how grids are calculated for Foundation.

Creating the Hex Grid:
If you would like to recreate the grid for yourself, or would like the data for other modding you'll need to download a hex grid generator. I found mkhexgrid to be the best script to do this.
You can download it free here:
The following data is what you'll need to create the grid:
hex-side = 50
image-width = 1024
image-height = 1024
image-margin = 5
grid-grain = v
grid-color = 00FF00
bg-opacity = 127
coord-opacity = 0
center-opacity = 0
grid-thickness = 4
antialias = true
coord-origin = ul
grid-start = i
output = png
outfile = hex1.png

The following zip file contains only the listed images and material maps related to Foundation's core hex grid. For those that use the free image manipulator GIMP, there is a file with the layers I used to create the material map. If you open up a 16 bit version and your software is not registering the transparency/alpha channel, you may need to use the 8 bit version included. The 8 bit version should not be used to create a material map and is for graphical uses only.

How to use as a material map:
If you would like to test where the territory boundaries are of any map, replace the "material_mask.png" with the file material_mask.png in your modded map Map folder. More specifically: move the Hex Grid Mat Map named material_mask.png from the zip file to the Maps folder of your modded map, (C:\Users\...\Documents\Polymorph Games\Foundation\mods\111111\maps), delete, move, or re-name the file in that maps folder named "material_mask.png" first or when you move it just agree to "Copy and Replace". Load up the game for the hex grid and out of bounds areas to be highlighted in sand.

Zip folder contents:
Territory Hex Grid Gimp File.xcf 16bit RGBA
Territory Hex Grid.PNG, 16 bit RGBA, 1024 x 1024
Territory Hex Grid 8bit.PNG, 8 bit RGBA, 1024 x 1024
Territory Hex Grid Material Map, material_mask.png, 16 bit RGBA, 1024 x 1024


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below or contact me on the Foundation Official Discord Server.


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