Harbour Trading for Foundation

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To add more life to docks and harbours, and to provide another way to exchange goods besides the normal Traders.


Requires 5 Citizens to unlock.

I made this mod to work together with my other mods which add new foods and goods. I recommend installing Vegetable & Poultry Farms, Livestock Farms, Orchard, and Furniture.

RaisinMuff1n's Fantasy Decorations is required for the props to add to your ships and warehouses.

How it Works

You will be exchanging your surplus goods for other items that you need to develop your holdings. Not all items can be exchanged - sea voyages are long, and perishable or bulky cargos do not bring a profit. A list of all exchanged items is at the bottom of this page.

  • The Merchant's Ship or Boat will carry your exports to other lands, and return with items in exchange (sorry - there are no sailing animations yet - a modding limitation). Aboard should be a Crew of up to 3 for the ship, and 1 for the boats. Make sure the ship is connected to shore with a Gangplank if you want to use it for trading. Ships built away from shore are decorative only.
  • The Trading House is where exchanges are negotiated. The Merchant works here.
  • You build import and export Warehouses. You assign one Dock Worker per Warehouse.


  • The Merchant working in the Trading House issues Commands, which are required later by the Ship's Crew.
  • A Dock Worker collects items to be exported from a normal warehouse or granary, takes them to the Export Warehouse and produces Exports.
  • The Crew collect Exports from the Export Warehouse and load them onto the Merchant's Ship or Merchant's Boat. The larger the vessel, the more it can take in one voyage.
  • For each Exported item, the Ship's Crew get a Command from the Merchant to find out where they need to deliver the goods.
  • Once the Crew have a full shipment ready, they go on their voyage and return with Imports


  • Dock workers collect Imports from the Merchant's Ship or Boat after a successful voyage
  • Dock workers produce the imported good at the Import Warehouse.
  • Your normal warehouse and granary transporters pick up the goods at the Import Warehouse. Workplaces can also access these import warehouses.

Example Scenario

  • Build your Merchant's Ship, add a Gangplank overlapping the shore or pier, build a Trading House, and an Export Warehouse
  • Appoint a Merchant and Crew
  • Select "Export Wheat" in the Export Warehouse
  • Assign a Dock worker to the Export Warehouse
  • The Dock Worker collects Wheat from your normal Granaries and stores it at the dock in the Export Warehouse
  • The Ship's Crew load the ship with the Wheat and get their commands from the Merchant
  • The Ship's Crew create Imports by sailing the ship to a faraway place and returning with imported goods
  • Build an Import Warehouse
  • Select "Import Iron Bars" in the Import Warehouse
  • Assign a Dock worker to the Import Warehouse
  • The Dock Worker empties the ship and puts the Iron Bars into your Import Warehouse
  • Transporters come from your normal warehouses and collect the Iron Bars


  • To extend your port I recommend the Terrain mod to create harbour areas.
  • The Gangplank needs to be well onto the land or piling, otherwise the Crew will not be able to board. Make sure that about a third of the Gangplank is overlapping land.
  • For the smaller boats, either connect the gangplank directly to the shore, or if using the Terrain mod, make sure the gangplank rests right on top of the terrain (not below it).
  • You should be producing a large surplus to begin Exporting. Otherwise, the dock workers will drain too much production from your economy for the exported goods.
  • For a land-based version of this mod, I made the Trading Posts mod.
  • For an extra challenge, you can use the Realistic Trading mod to disable most trading with the vanilla Trader.
  • To include Pottery in the mod, you'll need to load this mod after the Basic Materials mod.
  • For each shipment, you must collect any of the following quantities. For the Ship, you need 10 of these shipments; for the smaller boats, 4 or 2 depending on the size. You will receive credit to exchange something else on the list. For example, 100 flour can be exchanged for 50 apples.


The large ship model was originally created by xtianmir, purchased by the mod author with a royalty-free license and modified. ( Sails and all cargo props shared with permission by RaisinMuff1n.


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Zoloid @zoloid

I read in the comments you added "smaller boats that can trade on rivers", does it mean the ships can't be used on maps with no sea shore like the Valley map?

Batyushki @batyushki

Zoloid None of the ships will look right without water.. they will ground to the water level.

Zoloid @zoloid

Sorry for my poor english, this is not what I meant to ask. On the Valley map there is a place on the river with far enough space for 3 of the largest ship and a dozen of smaller boats (and even for a fishing village on pilotis) all in the same harbour! However, the seashore at the end of the river is out of reach.

Before I hit the "build" button, and given the large scale of this project, I would like to make sure it is possible for the larger boats and ships to initiate trading without direct access to sea water.

Batyushki @batyushki

Zoloid Oh I see. Right now the ships do not move so there is no problem here, they will trade as long as they are on any water (even a lake). I will be working on an update that will have them move but that won't be released for a while.

AlystraSwift @alystraswift

Why do the ship crews keep leaving?
They say they can't get food and water but I have both available very close to the import and export huts.

Batyushki @batyushki

AlystraSwift it is likely they are stuck and cannot leave the ship for some reason. Follow them when they are going to work, do they board the ship? And when done are they able to disembark? You might need to adjust the distance of your gangplank or unblock if something is preventing them from moving around. Check your red error messages too. Contact me on Discord and I can help further.

vjraymon @vjraymon

"The Ship's Crew create Imports by sailing the ship to a faraway place and returning with imported goods"
"(sorry - there are no sailing animations yet - a modding limitation)"
Ok: no animation yet, but even no moving ?

Batyushki @batyushki

The movements available are not to my liking I'm afraid.

vjraymon @vjraymon

So, what kind of movements will be to your liking ?

Batyushki @batyushki

I don't like games where horses or ships spin on their center. I know it's much easier to code this type of movement but I'd rather the object stayed put than spinning when it turns.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Seems easy to have something more natural

Batyushki @batyushki

Added two smaller boats that can trade on rivers or smaller harbours, and a decorative longboat.

PersephoneHazard @persephonehazard

I'm loving the smaller boats, thank you!

Batyushki @batyushki

Fixed a bug where import dock workers would not process Imports.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Can you add to the menu goods that can be placed on the ship - weapons?
I think about the fact that at that time merchant ships were also armed and it would be good to have a ballistics or a bow stand on board, for example. I know you can do this now by hand and take the ballist from Fantasy Decorations for Foundation. But I think now for the future - you wrote that ships might one day be sailing. And I thought that there might be a situation - the ship will sail and the weapons will stay. Now I have done something like that, but it is only in my opinion - a temporary solution.

Translated with (free version)

jonny2 @jonny2

Are the piers part of this mod? I can't find them. I have only tested version 1.0.2.

RaisinMuffin @raisinmuffin

Check out his other mod "Terrain". It has the pier pieces plus a ton of extra land for terraforming.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

I have a small problem with ships. A ship with stones on board - the workers cannot enter it. With a ship that is standing on shore, there is no such problem. Now, when I used your mod Terrain for Foundation, when I used the quay with mod Harbour V2 for Foundation, there was no problem. I temporarily removed the magazines because I thought they were blocking access to the ship. And thank you for adding a spear to the trade - I will finally get rid of the 2,000 that are in storage.
Edit. I am sorry, I did not notice that after using Terrain for Foundation, you have to use CTRL-SHIFT-R. Everything is OK. By the way, can you add "visually" the goods to the magazines so that they are not empty?
Translated with (free version)

Batyushki @batyushki

You can decorate the warehouses with the pieces from Fantasy Decorations that are included in the mod. There are snap points to place two items in each warehouse.

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Wow, that's an impressive piece of work
I definitly have to come back to Foundation to play with all the the new gameplay options you added to the game