Harbour V3 for Foundation

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Published by vjraymon (mod ID: 1496142)


Currently for game version 1.8 or 1.9 modding preview

Needs the last version of the mod "Windows Decoration V3"

Menu Building - Mods - Harbour V3

Modus "No sandbox" by default. See mod "Stone Gate Sandbox Option" to change.



- the middle of the Light Tower is white chalk intended !


First set the light Tower or wooden pier on ground near water. To snap a dock to the lighthouse, use the attachment point in the center of the lighthouse, or temporary disable the snapping (T) .

Then you can set ships on water, snapping them to the docks or piers.

A terrestrial access (door to lighthouse or ramp to dock) is mandatory for the sailor to reach the ships.

The first ship shown in edit mode is static

The second and third ship can move. Sailing ship needs 1 sailor. Rowing ship needs 2 sailors. Once sailors are assigned to it and embarked, the ship will sail randomly. After a while, the ship will come back to the harbour in order the sailors fill their needs.

You can select the material imported, exported, or only a sailing function.

If the mod "Stone Gate Sandbox Option" is present, then the importation have no costs.


Please, tag me (@vjraymon) for reporting.

Thanks to genstab for the German translation.

Many thanks to Helron for his ship, and for all his initial help.

Many thanks to Junkets for the model of the Light Tower B (and also Arthas_X, Minotorious and RaisinMuffin)

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I take your donation as a measurement of quality. Indeed you have other ways to show your interest: feedbacks, (positive or negative) a mere thumb, or better a picture or video of what you succeed to build with my mods.


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jlorentsen @jlorentsen

Unable to load mod

vjraymon @vjraymon

Thank you for your report.
Works on my side.
Is there any message ?
Please can you go to the official discord serveur for foundation in order to share data that I could investigate ?

MisterPsit @misterpsit

Hello, I had the same issue, and I saw in the logs that it was about some ID that weren't generated.
It is more specifically these ones :

Hope it helps ! I think that's the issue that have jlorentsen.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Fixed, could you retry please ?

MisterPsit @misterpsit

Sorry for the late answer...
It didn't work, still have the same issue.
But I noticed that the mod didn't update in Foundation, and I can't seem to find the fixed version on too.
I tried to uninstall the mod and reinstall it, but it still put the version I had before, that resulted in the error ( version 3.2)
(Did I miss something ? I can switch on Discord if you prefer btw)
Anyway, I used this mod on my previous setup, great mod, as usual, thanks a lot for your hard work !

vjraymon @vjraymon

Seems to be an uploading error. I retried. Can you retry please ?

MisterPsit @misterpsit

It works ! Thanks a lot !

jlorentsen @jlorentsen

Works for me too now, thx

funababbit1660062217 @funababbit1660062217

Harbours helped me to find a focal point for my village - really like it, especially in conjunction with Fantasy Decorations. (Never could relate to the Village Center. The two give the village lots of character. I think a Man o' War would make for a nice addition to the ships.