Harbour V3 for Foundation

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Published by vjraymon (mod ID: 1496142)

Harbour V3 History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Feb 17 2022 - 3.1.1

Fixes an upload error (sugar and salt forgotten)

Feb 17 2022 - 3.1.0

Adds the export functions

Feb 16 2022 - 3.0.4

Adds German localization

Dec 20 2021 - 3.0.3

Adds the case of Sugar and Salt

Nov 19 2021 - 3.0.2

Refactoring. Might fix some stuck sailors in case of game restart

Nov 12 2021 - 3.0.1

Updates the localizations En and Fr

Nov 12 2021 - 3.0.0

This version V3 is a new mod. It can be used standalone, or together with the preceeding V2.
it has dependency to Window Decoration V3
It is basicaly adapted to game version 1.8 (renamings)
It has customized COMP_WORKPLACE (instead of COMPONENT) (for future refactoring)
The sailors appear a little bit above the deck of the boats
Sometimes, after a restart of the game, the sailor is stuck on water, but then he should leave after a while.