Pastry and Cow Cheese production



Deprecated: You'd better use the mod Pastry Production V2.

Warning: The V1 cannot be removed yet, but you can have both V1 and V2 in the same game. The buildings of V1 appear, but are inhibited.

This mod is still kept visible in order to play old saved games


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SkunkMonkey @skunkmonkey

Any change of getting the Grass and Hay available in the Warehouse or Granary for storage?

vjraymon @vjraymon

Fixed. Could you try the latest version please ?

SkunkMonkey @skunkmonkey

Works like a charm!
You are a god among Foundation modders my man, great work.

Guest @guest

Currently at 1000 population with 96 ghp.. at valley map... Have used all the production mods also..

vjraymon @vjraymon

Gratz !

Guest @guest

Would it be possible for you to make a version of this mod or Sheep cheese production in which the sheep farms produce this mod's MILK instead of SHEEP_MILK and CHEESE instead of SHEEP_CHEESE? I just think its a bit much to have to take up so many slots in the market and build two separate cheese dairies when running both mods together. I've got no skill at modding yet I've tried mashing the two mods together myself but if I just try to move the APPEND action from Sheep cheese productions mod.lua file to this mod and change it to produce MILK instead of SHEEP_MILK it just fails to load outright.

vjraymon @vjraymon

But remember that you have still the risk of blocking wool production. So having both production lines for the same resource Milk could be tricky to manage. This should be a challenge. Please, tell me if you succeed.

Rothberht @rothberht

I think the way I set it up is that I significantly increased the ProductionDelay on just about all the jobs your mod adds, slightly increased the needed input of resources, and actually didn't change or slightly increased the output from each "doing" of the job. The balancing is far from perfect, but the result (just by looking at market sales, and before you posted the code below) was that a single, fully staffed production chain of Pasture-Milk farm-Creamery+Cheese dairy (no pastry maker, and not selling any milk at market) consistently produced one third of my villages food supply, roughly equaling the output of a single fully staffed bread production chain (just more consistent due to no growing cycle mechanic at the pasture).

Doing occasional random checks, the total combined amount of butter, cream and cheese in stock at the markets and the granary varied from similar to that of berries offered by a fully staffed gathering hut (ranging from 5-25 at any given time, with 50 villagers) to noticeably lower, but never running out for any noticeable period of time.

When I built two sheep farms (after applying the code below) and added ten sheep to each, I experienced a slight speed up in butter/cream/cheese production, which leads me to believe my balancing of ProductionDelay numbers and milk output is too strict . However, since I hobbled your production chain at both the pasture and milk farm to keep the level of milk supply more modest, my two sheep farms are actually having their milk used so quickly that the stock in each of them, at any given time, is 30-40 wool and 5 milk, with a single, fully staffed Weaver's Hut and one Tailor using the wool.

I also did increase the prices of milk to 6, butter to 8, cream to 12, cheese to 10 and pastries to 16 when sold at market, and used the Config Editor mod to drop the price of berries to 6. I don't know if price affects villager buying behavior, but I thought I should note it just in case it does.

As for the specific changes I made to ProductionDelay values, they are as follows; COWHERD - 5.0, COW_MILKER - 10.0, DAIRY_MAID - 22.0, CHEESE_MAKER - 22.0.

Pasture produces 2 grass per job, Milk farm produces 1 milk per 2 grass, Creamery produces 2 butter + 2 cream per 6 milk, Cheese Dairy produces 1 cheese per 2 milk.

As I said, I don't do much modding (and I'm not good at math). Those numbers are the first ones I tried, just changing them at a whim but it worked out somewhat OK. I think I created a bottleneck of milk, where the pasture still produces a lot of grass, but the Creamery and Cheese Dairy have high production capacity which is cut back due to a constant shortage of milk even though I'm not selling milk off directly. There is, however, no blockage in sight regarding wool production.

Edit: I just registered my account. I am the Guest poster above.

vjraymon @vjraymon

ok, nice! And what about the eggs ?

vjraymon @vjraymon

Just add the following lines at the end of the mod.lua file without loading the mod sheep cheese production:

BuildingFunction = {
ResourceProduced = {
Action = "APPEND",
{Resource = "MILK", Quantity = 1}

glidt-a @glidt-a

need in the moment hay and grass for the building milkfarm but get no one???

vjraymon @vjraymon

You need a Pasture (menu general), and to assign a cowherd

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I told you if there was a mistake, he'd be fine with me?
The downloaded modification file is incorrect. Please try to download it again'''.
Of course, this is about the latest update to the 6th.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Please, try the mod version 1.3.6

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Thank you :)

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Still the same - after about 5 seconds after loading, the game is thrown to the desktop. At 2 a.m. the game was still on, the only update since then is yours.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Still the same: this mod is to be used with, NOT THE PREVIEW (i.e., please, read the announces) !

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I play version and there is a problem with that. In version 0712 I am checking only NEW mod. I know that this one doesn't work on 0712 yet.

vjraymon @vjraymon

The preview works only by chance with some mods. There is not any guarantee from the DEV. (We can understand that because the mods modifies the balancing, and the preview is supposed checking the vanilla balancing).
Untill version 1.3.1, this mod were unstable, even with game version You might be able to recover a saved game made with a preceeding version of this mod by deleting it from the list before reloading your saved game, but I did not try.
Please, with game version and the latest version of this mod, could you describe more your issue ? (indeed, I tried the latest version of this mod, and I did not found that kind of problem, even after several minutes)

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I went back to writing when there was a mod 2 version. When I uploaded a new one, i.e. 5, the game started to work normally. I really don't know what it's all about.
Although as I once wrote - if there is the slightest bug, it MUST appear in my computer.

vjraymon @vjraymon

ok, thank you for your feedback. You can read more details about the versions in ChangeLog. "When I uploaded a new one, i.e. 5, the game started to work normally." : I supposed you speak about this one: (version 1.3.3) ?