Idlers for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 161482)


This is a job for people who don't want to work. Idlers have a stool (which can be hidden inside another building), and a few places they like to hang out. They will visit those places for 60 seconds each, no oftener than every 3 days.

You can tell them where to stand to create crowds of spectators for things like executions, or to simulate a Village Center in a different place than your usual center.

Idlers do not generate anything, but they still consume and have the same needs as a normal villager. They can be promoted to Citizen.

Idlers are found in the Decoration menu. Place their stool, then place arrows where you want them to stand. They will usually visit nearer arrows first. Idlers will use each other's arrows if their stools are nearby. You should place at least 5 arrows to make sure they don't get bored.










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akuyasha @akuyasha

Hey! Awesome mod, I love how it adds to the liveliness of a village center :-)

Is there any possible way to get a height adjustment on the stool and idle arrow and have it work correctly?

I.E.: I am using Stone Gate Set V7 which has a platform tag, therefore the chair/arrow doesn't sit on top of walls I make and instead snaps to the terrain below. I'd like to change the height at which the chair/arrow are to utilize objects with platform tags!

Batyushki @batyushki

akuyasha I want to avoid having a vertical scaler on these, as they are very small and I always get stuck with not being able to move small objects because the scaler obscures them. However you can achieve this in a different way, use the Terrain mod to create a platform at the right level, add the stool, then delete the terrain.

akuyasha @akuyasha

oh that's genius! i hadn't thought of that, thank you so much.

you make wonderful mods btw keep up the great work!

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Great work on the mod! I've been wanting to figure out how to get crowds to work but never could.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Finally, the residents will go to theatrical performances :)