Influence and Estates for Foundation

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Important: put this mod last in the mod load order.

This mod is designed to work with my other mods (see Batyushki's Modpack), so to get the full benefit of this mod make sure it is loaded last in the mod list, and include as many of my production mods as possible. This is not a requirement, but will make gameplay more interesting.

The vanilla game comes with the Estates menu, which allows you to unlock some buildings by gaining Influence with one of three Estates (the People, the King, and the Church). This mod expands on that idea by putting almost every building in the Estate menu. Instead of unlocking a building when you reach a certain population milestone, every building must be unlocked by earning Influence with an Estate.

You can now unlock buildings in a much more flexible order, allowing you to change the progression of each game. All buildings are available once you have one Commoner. For example, all church types are available directly from the Estates menu, allowing you to build a large variety of churches early in the game without having to win Blueprints in battle.

There are now many more ways to get (and lose) Influence. On the 15th day of each month you are presented with a choice between three random decisions which can increase your influence with one Estate, and possibly decrease it with another Estate. Decisions can also impact production, happiness, immigration, and villager consumption.

The beginning of the game has been reworked. Instead of arriving with no food or water, you get a Handcart which dispenses bread and water (and coal for those using the Fuel mod). These initial supplies are limited, but they give you time to unlock production buildings and start your economy. Some other small changes have been made: the Hunter's Hut is available at the beginning of the game so that you can either forage for berries or hunt for game. The number of workers in certain buildings has been reduced to be more realistic with the reworked starting parameters.

Milestones celebrate your progress: when you reach 100, 200, and 300 inhabitants (Serfs and above), the King will give you special rewards of gold and resources. Masterpieces unlock at each stage of population growth, but most masterpieces have the same unlock conditions as the vanilla game. You also get extra Clergy influence each time you build a different type of church.

This mod doesn't stop you from making fatal errors: if you waste your Influence on the wrong things and consume your resources too early, you could find yourself at a dead end without the ability to progress. Budget your Estate purchases carefully!

Splendor has been removed as a requirement for unlocking items in the Estate menu. I find it too confusing to keep track of both Influence and Splendor, especially since the icons for each are hard to distinguish.


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sachenko @sachenko

Hi Batyushki, I started a new game with this mod and I'm getting this issue. Instead of getting a decision once a month, I get it every day. The mod is last in the load order. Any idea what might be causing this?

Glacey @glacey

I have this problem too ): It's a bit unbearable when you have a sustainable enough village and you want to do other things on the side.

Edit: in Card.lua, the Monthly notification section is set for testing. I haven't restarted the game yet, but I assume switching around the tags does the job.
Ctrl-f for 'dayfirstchoice' in a text editor, or code line 2474

sachenko @sachenko

That was it, thank you so much! My settings were initially set to
local dayFirstChoice = 1 -- FOR TESTING
local daysBetweenChoice = 1 -- FOR TESTING

Giving it the aforementioned result. Unfortunately these settings don't change for an already existing save and a new game must be started, but now I know..

Batyushki @batyushki

My bad, I forgot to reset that code after testing. Will fix now!

Teamson @teamson

Any chance for a version without the dependencie of balancing for realism?

Batyushki @batyushki

The prices and rewards in this mod are tuned to the Balancing for Realism mod, hence the dependency. If you want to try, it is easy to remove dependencies, just go to your documents > Polymorph Games > mods folder, it is mod folder 1466506, look in mod.json and remove the dependency entry for Balancing for Realism.

TheLongstrider @thelongstrider

In vanilla game you have to unlock Bailiffs office in estate menu. I can't find it in this mod. Or maybe i've to unlock it in another way? Thanks

Batyushki @batyushki

TheLongstrider You're absolutely right, I don't know how I missed that! It shows you how often I use the Bailiff in my own games that I didn't even notice. I'll add the Bailiff and Tax office functions to the list in the next patch.

nikans @nikans

Can the Bailiff in this mod still earn influence points?

Batyushki @batyushki


anxioustofu @anxioustofu

Hi I started playing this last night along with your modpack and I've been struggling to get any newcomers and was wondering if I just need to be patient or if I'm doing something wrong. My happiness is 100, my employment is high, the only thing that is low is residential space but I haven't been able to unlock much to get to that point, I don't think. I haven't been able to get past 10 villagers. I just wanted to know if this was normal and meant to take a very long time or if I keep doing something wrong :p thank you

Batyushki @batyushki

anxioustofu there could be a number of things, if you contact me in the discord modding_general channel I can help you troubleshoot. If you are at 10 villagers you should be able to build houses, have you zoned for them and provided materials (clay, thatch, wood)?

Kartoffelpüh @kartoffelph

Hi, this mod is great, but somehow I am stuck very early on on the quest "sell food in a market". I built a granary multiple times but it doesnt check. Any ideas on what might be wrong on my side?

Batyushki @batyushki

Did you build the vanilla food market table and sell berries from it?

Kartoffelpüh @kartoffelph

Uhm well, no ... Lets just pretend I never asked