Livestock Farms for Foundation

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Livestock Farms raise animals for meat and milk. Tallow (animal fat) is used to produce candles. This mod is more complicated than most, so I recommend you only use it once you are able to play through a few times successfully in the vanilla game.

  • Unlocks at 35 Serf or above
  • Requires Vegetable and Poultry Farm Mod which will install automatically

Buildings & Resources

  • Buildings: Livestock Farm, Butcher's Shop, and Chandlery (for making candles)
  • Building components: Pasture, Animal Herd, Shed, Pen, Feed Silo, Milk Cart, Butcher's selling counter, Chandlery selling counter, decorative animals and troughs
  • Rail Fence (found in the Walls menu)
  • Resources: Animal Carcass, Meat, and Candles; Milk is made a sellable commodity in addition to being an input for Cheesemaking
  • Farms have internal resources that are not sold or stored off farm: Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, and Animal Feed
  • Farms produce Milk, Animal Carcasses and Wool (depending on the animal)
    • Sheep can produce carcasses, milk, and wool
    • Cows and goats can produce carcasses and milk
    • Pigs can produce carcasses
  • Carcasses are cut up into Meat at the Butcher's Shop

Inputs and Outputs

  • Requirements to raise animals: Pasture, Water, Animal Feed, and a Dung Heap to remove dung
  • Cows produce the most milk, sheep and goats produce less than half the same amount per herd
  • All animals produce the same number of carcasses per herd
  • Milking "uses up" animals but at a slower rate than slaughtering
  • Animal feed is made from wheat and vegetables in the Silo
  • Animals are milked in the Shed
  • Animals are slaughtered and sheared for wool in the Pen
  • You set the function of the pen and shed after construction, and then assign workers
  • You don't have to set a function - for example a shed for pigs can be decorative only, or omitted


  • The free-form type of pasture "grows" animals like a wheat farm. This is for covering large areas in the countryside
  • The smaller type of pasture should be used for your farm buildings and herds kept in high-density areas
  • These farms take up some space and are best built in flat or slightly sloping areas
  • Don't build too many structures in one farm - the current UI makes managing multi-part buildings difficult. I recommend one pasture, 2 or 3 production buildings (pen and shed), and 2 or 3 herds per farm
  • Silos and market carts can be shared between 2 or 3 farms
  • Make sure a dung heap is nearby to clean up the farm - otherwise it will stop production. The dung heap can be shared with vegetable farms
  • Ensure there is a path to everything before you start construction. Include at least one gate or opening, and make sure the green arrows going into each structure are clear from that entrance
  • Use SHIFT to place more than one fence piece
  • If you want to produce candles at the Chandler, make sure to place a Tallow Bucket on your farm
  • You can place farms using the built in Snap points, or free-form. For a free-form farm, the Rail fence is available in the Walls menu to surround the pasture when you are finished

Other notes

  • The animals and their feed are resources that only exist on the farm - they cannot be stored or sold elsewhere. But farms can share resources with each other. For example, one farm could be Pastures and Herds, and another farm could have mostly Pens and Sheds.
  • Sheds, Pens and Herds have a negative impact on residential desirability (they smell!)
  • The Chandlery has a small negative impact on residential desirability (tallow stinks!)

Butcher's Shop

The Butcher takes the carcasses and produces Meat.


The Chandler takes tallow and wood, melts the tallow and produces candles which are sold to villagers.

Selling directly

  • Each building can now sell directly to customers without a granary or warehouse slot
  • The Livestock Farm has an optional milk cart
  • The Butcher's Shop has a sales table for selling meat
  • The Chandlery has a sales table for selling candles
  • These selling areas can be snapped onto the structure, or placed a little distance away in an optimal selling location
  • Selling areas have a positive residential desirability impact

Known limitations:

  • No animations yet. The only animations available to modders are to move the animal around randomly. I don't like how this looks without the animal's legs, head or tail moving - it's a personal choice.
  • The market tender and buyers will stand in the same place - this is a current limitation of the API

Animal models were created by Google and sourced from under a CC-BY licence (free to use and remix with credit).

Thanks to der_sebi for localisation to German.


Common Resources V1
Vegetable and Poultry Farms










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vjraymon @vjraymon

Your mod has a side effect on mine "Sheep Addition V5". I think that PREFAB_LIVESTOCK_SHEEP is the cause.When I move my mod in the edit mod list between "Common Resource" and your mod, my mod works. But I don't know what to add to your model (likely locators)

batyushki @batyushki

This issue is now resolved, thanks vjraymon

batyushki @batyushki

The latest update includes an option for free-form fields (like a wheat farm). Please let me know any feedback! This type of field should be used in conjunction with a normal, high-density farmyard.

Helder @helder

What is the asset we see in the second picture though? The roof on top pf beams, Is is part of your mod?

batyushki @batyushki

That is the Chandlery for making candles.

Helder @helder

Ah, yes!
It's really very nice. You could have it as an asset on its own :)

Tommy_Cooker @tommy-cooker

I am sure this has already occurred to you but do you plan to allow the chandlery to use beeswax from the apiary?

batyushki @batyushki

Tis a good idea. The only problem right now is that creating two goods in a single workplace leads to problems in Foundation. Number one you can't specify how much of each is produced - at minimum with two goods, a mod can produce 2 of each at a time, never an unequal amount. You would be swimming in beeswax in no time, and it would eventually block the apiary from producing honey which you much prefer. There is no workaround for this yet in the API. That's why I made a tallow bucket which produces unlimited tallow, but is not actually produced by the livestock farm.

ldylarke @ldylarke

this looks fantastic! so well thought out. I'm going to be building a new town today! Thank you so much for your creativity, effort and time :)