Livestock Farms for Foundation

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The vanilla livestock farms allow cattle and sheep to be kept in very close quarters with no food, and the animals don't stay in fences unless they are a certain diameter. This mod adds more livestock types and provides the opportunity to raise them intensively or on pastures, with more realistic food and space requirements. You can also fully utilise each animal for meat, milk or wool.

Livestock farms unlock at 1 Commoner.

Cattle Farm (2 options)

  • Cattle can produce meat or milk. Cattle produce more milk per animal than other livestock.
  • Cattle can be raised intensively with the Cattle Yard and Hay Meadows, or with a Cattle Barn and Cattle Pastures.
  • Each intensive Cattle Yard should be paired with 1-2 Hay Meadows.
  • Cattle Barn should have 4-5 Cattle Pastures.
  • Process the cattle at the Cattle Pen (slaughter or milk).

Sheep Farm (2 options)

  • Sheep are the most versatile livestock: they can produce meat, milk or wool.
  • Sheep can be raised intensively with the Sheep Yard and Hay Meadows, or with the Sheep Fold and pastures.
  • Each intensive Sheep Yard should be paired with 1-2 Hay Meadows.
  • The Sheep Fold requires that you paint the pasture area. Sheep will spawn in the pasture at the beginning of the month.
  • Process the sheep at the Sheep Pen (slaughter, shear or milk).

Goat Farm

  • Goats produce either meat or milk. Goats are less expensive to buy initially than sheep or cattle.
  • Goats can only be kept in Pastures which you paint like farm fields.
  • Process the goats in the Goat Pen (slaughter or milk).

Pig Farm

  • Pigs only produce meat, but they can produce more quickly in a smaller area than any other livestock.
  • To feed the pigs, build a Feed Silo and stock it with Wheat, Milk and Vegetables to make Animal Feed.
  • The Pig Yard will then feed the pigs with Animal Feed.
  • Process the pigs in the Slaughter Pen.

Butcher's Shop

  • The butcher takes carcasses produced by Slaughter Pens and produces Meat, which is sold to villagers.
  • The butcher has a table for selling, or Meat can be sold at any Food market.


  • The creamery takes Milk and produces Butter, which can be sold to villagers.
  • The creamery has a table for selling, or Butter can be sold at any Food market.


  • The chandlery makes candles from tallow (animal fat) and wood. Tallow comes from slaughter yards.
  • The chandlery has a table for selling, or Candles can be sold at any Goods market.

Tanner and Cobbler

  • The tanner makes leather from animal hides produced in the slaughter yard.
  • The cobbler makes shoes from leather. Shoes are sold as a Good at Market stalls (like clothes).

Rail Fence

  • Available from the Walls menu.


Many thanks to Minotorious for developing the animal movement code!


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Martyr1777 @martyr1777

So the mod looks interesting but doesn't seem to be working for me.

Built a pasture sheep farm. Didn't realize I didn't need the dung pile for pasture so I have that with the main building and then a milking and shearing pen.

The herder will go and pickup a sheep from the pasture, I see 1/50 sheep in the building for a second and then it goes back to 0. A bit later the milker or shearer comes along does the carry animation but still 0 sheep in the pen and never get any wool or milk.

Has anyone seen this before?

SlipperyPete:. @slipperypete6

Any chance you might add a building that will make pastries with the butter made from the creamery? I don't like how the other pastry mod out there does egg production

Dracona1 @dracona1

So im trying to use cattle, i have the pastures like tons, they are even connected together. But the barn said i have 0 pastures. What am i doing wrong?

Holy Diver @holy-diver

I'm not too sure how the cow pasture resource (i.e the little grass icon) works but I've never seen it increase above 0. However, the farmer still produces cattle at the barn, it just takes a little while.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

Q1. Would it be possible to have another pasture type? The current one makes the whole look overcrowded with cows, so maybe some little bigger one (with 1 or 2 cows) would make it look more realistic, moreover with combination with current pastures. Or just an empty pasture, that would also allow to create cowfree space.
Q2. How many pastures is efficient for one barn?
Q3. I use only cattle barn, it does look better, but it is highly inefficient, it's not providing enough cows, so I've ended with two barns next to each other to at least improve it a little. Maybe 2nd workplace would help.
Q3. Could sheeps look little less like balls?:D

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

So I have added another workplace to barns, works better (to me) but it needs double count of pastures (still don't now how many, probably 3-4 per worker? And that makes the whole look even more overcrowded.
Partly solved by having huge pasture with a lot of free space.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

PS: Historically, the time when the villagers were killing their pigs was during winter, mainly in December... So, I'm going to find out how to mod the maluses/bonuses is Time and Seasons mod.
Ok, found that. Removed Spring and Summer bonus, added Spring/Summer malus (as Boar), changed Autumn malus to YieldPercentage = 0.75, added Winter bonus (as Boar has). Will test it:D.... Working, just needed to unload the mod on the last day of the season, then load it again on the first day of the next one.

Is there a chance we'll get classic roofed versions of cattleshed/pigsty?
There's one nice: Pigsty – Museum of Country Life in Wallonia in Saint-Hubert (Belgium)

tgree69 @tgree69

Hi. First of all thank you for all of your excellent work on mods. I am having an issue with selling meat. My butcher is functioning properly, I have meat in stock, but both my table and market stall dont stock to sell. Is there a certain level your people need to be to consume meat?

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi tgree69, I had some incorrect text in my mod description (fixed now), you need to add Meat to the Granary and then set the market table to meat, and they should sell. It used to be you could sell directly from the butcher but now all items must go through a granary to be sold at market.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

"If you use the creamery table for selling you do not need to store Butter in a granary."
Tried this but the market tender wouldn't pick up the butter, I had to assign it to the granary.

Batyushki @batyushki

Thanks Shakar1647594790, I have updated the text, that was from an older version. Since game version 1.8 all markets require that the granary be used.

Bosworth @bosworth

Hi, I'm using your vegetable and livestock mods in one of my builds. My sheep farm isn't producing any compost. I have built the dung collecting station and assigned a worker, but they're constantly on free time and there is no dung being added to the station to be turned into compost. I can't build my vegetable farm until I have compost. Am I missing something? How do I produce compost? Thanks.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi Bosworth there are two types of sheep farm, intensive or pasture-based. Pasture systems don't produce any dung, but the intensive yards do. Intensive sheep yards are fed with hay from hay farms. They will produce lots of dung for compost. Same for the other animals, except for the goats they all have an intensive option.

Another option to produce dung is poultry farms.

MarshallDavout @marshalldavout

I'm never quite sure I am using these farms properly. Currently have an extensive sheep farm (no hay etc, just pasture). It starts with 0 of 50 sheep, and nothing happens until a new month. At the start of the new month, suddenly there are visually tons of sheep, but still 0/50 actual sheep on the building. Then this goes to 1, 2, 3, 7, etc. When I turn shearing on to collect wool, some wool is produced (yay!), but sheep numbers decline. Perhaps they are transferring from the paddock to the shearing shed (not sure why that kills them, but I get there are limitations of the engine). How am I expected to manage sheep numbers? Should I not build, man or turn on a "usage" yard until the numbers get to 50/50? Will it even do that? Is there a sustainable approach? Should I just get used to the numbers remaining small? If I paint a much bigger area, will the numbers get bigger than 50?

MarshallDavout @marshalldavout

In my current game I did let a sheep farm get to 50 sheep before extracting any wool. However, once I started extracting wool, this number degenerated back to zero over time.

Batyushki @batyushki

That's as expected MarshallDavout, the sheep have to be "used up" to produce wool, just like any resource. But they are used up much more slowly being sheared than if they are slaughtered.

MarshallDavout @marshalldavout

Ok. They are still used up unsustainably though. There is no setting at which the operation can be 'sustainable', unless you manually control (turn on/off) the shearing. It is a pity. Also, the rate at which they breed seems unrelated to the number of them. If this could be increased based on the number of animals, a sustainable operation could be created. Not sure if any of that is doable of course.

Batyushki @batyushki

You don't need to control the production of wool. As soon as there is a sheep available, they will use it. You don't need to build up a supply of sheep. If you want more wool because you run out of sheep, then you can add another sheep farm. It's very similar to every other mechanic in the game, if you run out of the primary resource then increase the number of primary resource workplaces until you have a surplus for downstream workplaces (if that's your goal).

MarshallDavout @marshalldavout

I think you mentioned somewhere that another modder is working on population breeding rates for livestock, or something. Maybe this will make me happier in time :P Thanks for your replies.

MarshallDavout @marshalldavout

Hmmm. I guess I am doing that. If I do not allow "enough" space for an extensive farm (how much is that btw?), will production be lower?

Batyushki @batyushki

With pasture farms if they run out of animals before the end of the month (you'll see that no animals remain) then yes the size is constraining production. With intensive farm yards, if they run out of hay then you will be losing out on production.

MarshallDavout @marshalldavout

Oh that is interesting. My pasture farms are definitely running out of animals before the end of the month. I thought I had given them plenty of space, but maybe they need tons more? Might experiment.