Livestock Farms for Foundation

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The vanilla livestock farms allow cattle and sheep to be kept in very close quarters with no food, and the animals don't stay in fences unless they are a certain diameter. This mod adds more livestock types and provides the opportunity to raise them intensively or on pastures, with more realistic food and space requirements. You can also fully utilise each animal for meat, milk or wool.

Livestock farms unlock at 1 Commoner.

Cattle Farm (2 options)

  • Cattle can produce meat or milk. Cattle produce more milk per animal than other livestock.
  • Cattle can be raised intensively with the Cattle Yard and Hay Meadows, or with a Cattle Barn and Cattle Pastures.
  • Each intensive Cattle Yard should be paired with 1-2 Hay Meadows.
  • Cattle Barn should have 4-5 Cattle Pastures.
  • Process the cattle at the Cattle Pen (slaughter or milk).

Sheep Farm (2 options)

  • Sheep are the most versatile livestock: they can produce meat, milk or wool.
  • Sheep can be raised intensively with the Sheep Yard and Hay Meadows, or with the Sheep Fold and pastures.
  • Each intensive Sheep Yard should be paired with 1-2 Hay Meadows.
  • The Sheep Fold requires that you paint the pasture area. Sheep will spawn in the pasture at the beginning of the month.
  • Process the sheep at the Sheep Pen (slaughter, shear or milk).

Goat Farm

  • Goats produce either meat or milk. Goats are less expensive to buy initially than sheep or cattle.
  • Goats can only be kept in Pastures which you paint like farm fields.
  • Process the goats in the Goat Pen (slaughter or milk).

Pig Farm

  • Pigs only produce meat, but they can produce more quickly in a smaller area than any other livestock.
  • To feed the pigs, build a Feed Silo and stock it with Wheat, Milk and Vegetables to make Animal Feed.
  • The Pig Yard will then feed the pigs with Animal Feed.
  • Process the pigs in the Slaughter Pen.

Butcher's Shop

  • The butcher takes carcasses produced by Slaughter Pens and produces Meat, which is sold to villagers.
  • The butcher has a table for selling, or Meat can be sold at any Food market.


  • The creamery takes Milk and produces Butter, which can be sold to villagers.
  • The creamery has a table for selling, or Butter can be sold at any Food market.


  • The chandlery makes candles from tallow (animal fat) and wood. Tallow comes from slaughter yards.
  • The chandlery has a table for selling, or Candles can be sold at any Goods market.

Tanner and Cobbler

  • The tanner makes leather from animal hides produced in the slaughter yard.
  • The cobbler makes shoes from leather. Shoes are sold as a Good at Market stalls (like clothes).

Rail Fence

  • Available from the Walls menu.


Many thanks to Minotorious for developing the animal movement code!


Common Resources V1
Foundation Extended Building Functions
Vegetable and Poultry Farms



















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BlitzKrieg. @blitzkrieg26

game is crashing when i try to load this mod on my savegame

Batyushki @batyushki

BlitzKrieg You should not add this to a saved game if you already have the old version.

OrionTheBuilder @orionthebuilder

Several hours into a game, and this mod brings it to a halt. As soon as the sheep farms hit maximum dung, they stop producing sheep, and the dung haulers don't remove it.

Batyushki @batyushki

OrionTheBuilder can you send me your save file on discord so I can diagnose? Are you getting any worker stuck messages? I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Maybe you have other farms closer to the dung heap and the worker never gets to the sheep farm?

cefaclor @cefaclor

same happened to my farms :-( any solution found?
but very great and cute mod !!!

cefaclor @cefaclor

maybe i found the problem... there are 2 items "dung" in the display. one comes from livestock farms, the other one from poultry farms. these are collected, the dung from animal farms are not...

Batyushki @batyushki

cefaclor I found an issue in the vegetable farm mod that might have been causing this, can you update the mods and see if it is fixed for you?

cefaclor @cefaclor

hi, sadly not... still not cleaning the dung from livestock farms :-(

Batyushki @batyushki

cefaclor can you please contact me on Discord and share your save file? I will need to investigate your specific situation as I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my game.

Batyushki @batyushki

I found the issue in your saved game. The New Traders (and Exchange Post) mod is creating a second Dung resource. I've messaged the author to update their code, this is causing the dung collectors to ignore the original dung resource.

If you take that mod out of your save the farms start to be cleared.

Batyushki @batyushki

OrionTheBuilder I finally found an issue in the vegetable farm mod that might have been causing this, can you update the mods and see if it is fixed for you?

Desgel @desgel

i cant find the sheeps hut after i downloaded this mod, can you help?

Batyushki @batyushki

Desgel it's under Food Production, please contact me on Discord if you still can't find it.

tarrant1629837220 @tarrant1629837220

Slaughter pens not producing tallow, just carcass

Batyushki @batyushki

tarrant1629837220 can you send me a screenshot on Discord? It doesn't produce tallow but it generates it, it's not a resource that is stored. (like water from wells)

Væz @vez1

Thanks for this and your other great mods. I've been enjoying them immensely.

Workers at the sheep farm are unable to be promoted above serf (I haven't checked other jobs from this mod or the Vegetable and Poultry Farms). You can fire them, promote them and then hire them back but they won't appear in the promotion list if they are currently employed at the sheep farm and if you do fire, promote to commoner or above, and then hire them back they get *demoted* back down to serf. This gives them a massive unhappiness "event" called "Demoted to Serf" for -160% unhappiness (I might have accidentally demoted that villager twice by trying to fire>promote>rehire). They won't appear in the villagers list at all if they are employed at the sheep farm which I think also causes them to not be counted towards Estate unlocks.

Also, the sheep fold produces sheep very very slowly. Like 6-7 per month. Is it intended to produce so little?

Batyushki @batyushki

The promotion limits are intentional, I don't like having farmers being promoted to commoner or above. You can change this in the code. I haven't noticed the slow production but I play rather more in the realism side, I know that doesn't suit everyone. You can adjust the worker delay in the code to get faster production.

Ima_g3t_cha @jared-ramby

Fan of your mods and use all of them, very well done other than that one issue I've encountered with the veggy farm...I do have a small suggestion, a ease of access sort of deal for this one... Well, I've noticed that it is somewhat difficult to produce sufficing Hay resources for the production of animal resources, you kind of need a lot late game. I was just wondering if you may think about changing the worker count from one to three per hay stack, giving them a larger radius of growth, to make them more like wheat fields, I still love and will use your mods either way, just a suggestion :)

Batyushki @batyushki

Ima_g3t_cha I could do, but I think it is essentially the same now, just split into three stacks. You only need a small field per stack, the space occupied would be the same if there were three workers on one stack with a larger field. I did it this way on purpose so that there would be more hay stacks dotted around the fields which is more realistic than one stack for a big field.

Ima_g3t_cha @jared-ramby

I do agree that it does look better as is, absolutely. Just was something that came to mind when I was setting mine up.