Living Quarters for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 984784)


This mod adds housing space within workplaces, the Lord Manor and Tavern. Serfs, Commoners or Citizens will inhabit these spaces but Commoners and above will require a high residential desirability in the area.

The villagers living in the building do not have to be the workers. If you want to encourage workers to live there (which makes sense), assign them to the workplace and then kick them out of their existing house. If they are near their new workplace they will usually move in.

If you add this mod after other mods, living quarters will be added to modded buildings too.

If you add this mod to a saved game, living quarters will only appear in new buildings and won't affect existing buildings.

Workplaces with living quarters (number is maximum housing capacity)

Weaver's Hut (2)
Tailor's Workshop (2)
Wheat Farm (3)
Bakery (2)
Windmill (2)
Brewery (3)
Blacksmith (2)
Cheese Maker (2)
Cooperage (3)
Dairy Farm (1)
Sheep Farm (1)
Fishing Hut (1)
Forester's Hut (1)
Hop Farm (3)
Hunter's Hut (1)
Iron Smelter (2)
Weaponsmith (2)

Monuments with option to add Living Quarters

Lord Manor (capacity is determined by the standard game and can't be changed)
Tavern (capacity is determined by the standard game and can't be changed)

Modded Workplaces with Living Quarters (if this mod comes after these mods in load order)

Vegetable farm (free form) (3)
Water Mill (2)
Furniture: Joiner's Workshop (4 or 2, depending on the size of the workshop)
Livestock Farms: Butcher's Shop (2)
Livestock Farms: Creamery (2)
Authority: Lord Manor cores (4)
Harbour Trading: Merchant's House (2)
Harbour Trading: Trading Ships (6)
Plague: Hospital (4)
Fishing Shacks (1)
Entertainment: Bath House (3)
Entertainment: Keep (3)


Placeable Houses








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