Magical Romany Camp for Foundation

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Published by LisaMockingbird (mod ID: 776312)


A self-sufficient (decorative and useful) little travellers camp inspired by my love of fantasy, magic, fairytales, and the mods of Batyushki, RaisinMuff1n, and Minotorious. All items are decorative and movable. Most are useful too.

Batyushki, RaisinMuff1n, and Minotorious all three of these talented modders helped and encouraged me in learning about lua code, blender modeling, and creating game specific fbx.
They lent me many items from their mods to base mine off of. I learned from their work and added my own spins. I cannot thank them enough!

All items are decorative and movable. Most are useful (ALL are useful - if you place this mod after Authority Mod , Security Mod, and Street Performers Mod YOU MAY USE 0 to all 3 of these other mods - up to you - I LOVE them. My mod goes after if you want this extra feature.)

What's Included:
Monument "Magical Romany Camp" on the Decorations Tab:

Three Decorative/movable/scalable animals: A Monkey (who charmingly provides a small amount of entertainment if you have Street Performers),
An Orange Cat (who condescendingly provides a small amount of authority it you have Authority),
A Shepherd/Mix Dog (who lovingly provides a small amount of security if you have Security).

A New Religion/Faith which I called Magic.
The Fortuneteller table set will produce and sell magic and it will fulfill the faith needs of villagers. Includes new job "Fortune Teller" complete with cute outfits.
The Magic Lamp (genie in residence - check out her telltale purple smoke!) also provides magic faith.
The Fresh Grave (for when you accidentally sent your troops off forgetting to provide them weapons...) provides magic and villagers will visit the grave occasionally which I loved - to fulfill their faith needs)

Two Placeable Caravan Houses - a new independent housing type (based on Batyushki's universal housing all classes will live there even though a UI glitch will continue to say level 1 house.)

4 new Resources including 4 new combo Production/Market work stations 4 new Jobs and 4 companion piece "mini generators"
(for when you add this to an old save these mini generators allow you to get up and going immediately and you can delete them later if you don't want them as part of your decor), plus a new moveable 'well' object.

1. Rain Barrel - provides water to villagers
2. Moonshine Bar - provides new luxury resource Moonshine to villagers (Blue Jug mini-generator of moonshine) Includes new job "Moonshiner" complete with cute outfits.
3. Laundry - provides new goods resource "Lightly Used Clothing" to villagers (Clandestine Black Sack mini-generator of used clothes) Includes new job "Launder" complete with cute outfits.
4. Cook Pot for Stone Soup - I loved that old fable: food from seemingly just a stone! provides new food resource Stone Soup to villagers (Soup Tureen mini-generator of stone soup).
Includes new job "Soup Maker" complete with cute outfits.

Everything is instant-free build, with no maintenance. Jobs are serf to citizen as are the caravan houses. Place a camp with all my items and it will fill all the inhabitants needs!
I do love to add more decorations from other mods to fill out the full look!
Hope you enjoy this mod as much as I enjoyed making it :)

PS. I forgot to mention earlier: when using the Dog, Cat, or Monkey with Batyushki's mods it will look like they gave you 1010 of security, authority, or entertainment but it is really just 10 - something to do with a glitch of the UI display on the top bar. If you save and reload or ctrl-shift-r the amounts will be corrected. They each have a max of 10 and it regenerates over time.








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Rast1629073078 @rast1629073078

This is such a fun mod. Thanks to all who helped make it happen!

PersephoneHazard @persephonehazard

This is so gorgeous, and I love it - thank you.

MonteeGaming @monteegaming

Omg this is amazing and fits so well with the wizard hat guy I usually build in a separate area thats all magical. Thank you so much for making this!

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Another problem - I'm playing on a new map and have only now added the security mod. After adding this mod I can't load your mod - a message that the mod can't be loaded.

LisaMockingbird @lisamockingbird

Hi, I was told to make new generated Id's before upload and aparently I needed to load the 3 other mods so mine will work with their correctly again (soft dependency)
Will do this right now and re-upload thanks for the heads-up.

Do also check when you added Security mod it has mod dependencies which means (in this case) that there are 4 other mods that must come before it - Common Resources, Frontier Fortifications, Windows Decoration V2, and Stone Gate Set V7. Follow the link for it I included above for more details.
Mine would then go last. If you have not downloaded the 4 other mods that Security needs then it won't load for that reason. Check the mods you added try loading with Security without mine.

Let me know if it works now.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Everything is ok. As for the mod - the idea and execution - GREAT! Just one more request - swap places between the seller and the customer :) It looks funny :)
And that they don't step on the dog! :)

LisaMockingbird @lisamockingbird

I did some path reworks I think they should not step on the animals anymore and hope that the customer and worker will stand apart more I know if villagers are sync'd up doing anything they can often overlap each other.

LisaMockingbird @lisamockingbird

I will think on it - probably need some custom path work to prevent customer and worker to use same paths. The animals do not have any collision right now but I could add some to the ones that provide resources Good Suggestions!

watergirl0913 @watergirl0913

Just download the update and it works! Thank you!

watergirl0913 @watergirl0913

I'm having the same issue. I added your lovely mod in and I get a message saying it's failed to load. I do have the three mods you mentioned, with their dependencies and yours is loading last. So not sure what's happened there.
Thank you for creating this, it looks wonderful!

RaisinMuffin @raisinmuffin

Awesome job on your first mod! Really love all the texture changes and the extra utility some of the pieces have.

LisaMockingbird @lisamockingbird

Thanks that means a lot coming from such a great modder! Also thank you again for the tutorials and allowing me to borrow items from your fantasy mod.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Please - do block the passage by the carts. I don't like it when someone imitates Copperfield :)