Map Markers for Foundation

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Map Markers allow you to create place names for any part of your village or territory. Each marker can be customised with three size and height options. Individual markers can be hidden, or you can hide and show all markers at once by using drop-down functions in a Lord Manor room.

To create a Map Marker, place it from the Mods building menu. Once built, click on the Marker and edit the building name. By default the marker will have average size and height. These settings can be adjusted in the drop-downs within the marker.

Characters supported include all English letters (upper and lower case), numbers, spaces, and the following punctuation marks: & - / , ' : ( ). If you enter an unsupported letter the marker will exclude it.

Credit goes to Minotorious for teaching me how to create the custom drop-downs and for the Rulers Mod, which was the original inspiration for Map Markers.





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shunkaha_ake @shunkaha-ake

Hi Batyushki,
Once again, I love your mods and this mod is a plus to find in our cities :D

The capital H is not a capital H. It is shaped like a lowercase h.
Is it a choice? Is it due to the font?

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi, that's just the font I used, it has a stylised capital H which looks like a lower case h.

shunkaha_ake @shunkaha-ake

No worries, I just have to remove the H from the name of my village.

Wolfgang_the_Cunning @wolfgang-the-cunning

Seriously, Bats? You should be getting a paycheck from the devs for doing their jobs for them....