Marinduque for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 174685)


This map is based on the island of Marinduque in the Philippines. It is a single island with steep hills, a volcano and a bit of flatter land along some of the beaches. Moderate difficulty. Only a handful of minerals but all on the one landmass.




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Lisa_Mockingbird @lisa-mockingbird

I want to start a new game with your main mod pack I love this island except it would be perfect if the date/palm trees you used in Negev map were used here. I totally like the Negev premise you have for it's foraging and lumber and I do love a good desert map as well but tropical island is my #1 dream just wondering if there is a way to marry the tropical vegetation onto this map and eliminate the pine/oak default trees. Your mods are really awesome and I doubt I could make my own tropical island map. Thanks for all your mod stuff it's added hours of playtime to the game!

Batyushki @batyushki

Thanks for the suggestion, I have released the Antigua map as a tropical island.

rS_ @rs16

Wow. This seems like one of the bests map I have seen/tried. Nice and complex terrain and no glitching? Time for next Foundation playthrough (with your new mods :) ).

Are you using the unofficial map editor? By a chance, would you be willing to share the source files for this map? I struggle a bit with the editor and seeing how you solved issues I run into and made such complex map terrain would be great help.

Batyushki @batyushki

Can you contact me on Discord? Not sure I can share files here.