Monastic Life for Foundation

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The Monastery now takes a much more important role in the life of the entire community. Monks can raise their own food and provide their own church services and clothes. They cook communal meals, sing in choirs, farm, and attend chapel together. But most importantly, they copy and study manuscripts to learn about the wisdom of past ages and to share new knowledge. This knowledge is used to upgrade workplaces throughout your settlement.

Monastic Cell

These are individual living quarters for Monks. They enable you to create small outlying housing for monasteries without having to build large halls everywhere.

Monastic Food

Monks can only eat certain foods approved by their order (Milk, Bread, Poultry, Eggs, Fish, Vegetables, Mushrooms, and Apples). They will visit normal markets if needed, but are better served by a Kitchen and Dining Hall within the Monastery. The Kitchen makes use of recipes to combine ingredients, and will be able to feed more monks than would be possible if the monks bought their own food. Kitchens and Dining Halls also increase productivity, since monks do not need to leave the monastery to buy food. The Dining Hall employs a Steward to serve the meals.

Kitchen recipes (a single recipe of 3 ingredients produces 4 monastic meals)

  • Milk, honey and bread
  • Milk, honey and apples
  • Milk, eggs and bread
  • Mushrooms, poultry and herbs
  • Mushrooms, rabbit and herbs
  • Vegetables, fish and herbs

The monastery comes with its own farms, or food can be brought in from outside.

  • Dairy Barn: produces Milk, Vellum (the skins of young animals), and Dung
  • Sheep Barn: produces Wool, Vellum and Dung
  • Rabbit Mounds: produces Rabbit and Dung (make sure to leave space around the mound for Monks to gather grass to feed the rabbits)
  • Dung Heap: produces Compost from Dung
  • Vegetable Plot: produces Vegetables from Compost and Water
  • Mushroom Hut: gathers Mushrooms from the forest (make sure there are trees nearby)
  • Fish Pond: produces Fish

Monastic Worship

Monks must worship in their own Chapel, which is a room in the Monastery. Assign a Lector to read the Monks their daily spiritual lessons. You can have as many Chapels as needed for the population.

Monastic Clothes

Monks have special robes specified by their religious order. They are made only from Wool (which can be produced either by the Monastic Sheep Farm, or the villager Sheep Farm). A Clothier room inside the Monastery is required to produce these special clothes.

Manuscripts, Scholars and Upgrades

Within the Monastery you can assign Scholars to study Manuscripts. Manuscripts are made from Vellum (from the sheep and dairy barns). The Scribes also need Candles to be able to see while they are making the Manuscripts. Assign a Scriptorium room in the Monastery and assign Scribes to start producing Manuscripts.

By studying manuscripts, Monks discover new knowledge which can be used to upgrade workplaces throughout your settlement. There are three possible groups of scholars studying Plants, Alchemy, and Mathematics. Each field of study provides Knowledge Points which are required to build upgrades. For example, by assigning Scholars to study Plants, you will gain Knowledge Points used to upgrade Wheat Farms, Vegetable Farms, etc. These upgrades are found in each individual workplace, and either increase production through better methods or technology, or provide additional space and workers to increase production.


Monastic Choir

The Choir is an optional room within the Monastery staffed by six Cantors. Having a choir keeps the Monks happy and boosts production of the Monastery's Manuscripts, Meals, Clothes, and Knowledge Points by 10%.


If you are using the Security mod, you can protect the monastery by using normal villagers or Monks. Assigning a Guard function to a Monastery room will turn that room into a secure location like a Constable's Keep. Four guards will be employed there. Place patrol arrows at the Monastery workplaces and the guards will protect those areas. The security overlay will also work when you are in Edit mode of the Monastery.


  • A wall, gate and wall pillars for Monastic walled gardens or enclosures
  • A Celtic Cross
  • A Celtic Round Tower (serves as a bell tower)


  • I was unsuccessful in making custom warehouses and granaries using Monks as workers, so these buildings will need to be staffed by normal villagers.
  • The new buildings come only with the Brown roof, due to a limitation in overriding textures for the Monastery.


RaisinMuffin - his Fantasy Decorations are incorporated into this mod for many of the Upgrade parts. Thank you!


Common Resources V1
Common Upgrades
Fantasy Decorations
Vegetable and Poultry Farms










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Glacey @glacey

Does anyone else have the issue of a duplicate Monastic Life in the load order? I can't disable it either ): Doesn't give dependency warning either when those are disabled.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi, that's an issue in the vanilla game because Common Updates has been added as a dependency. The first mod is actually Common Updates, you don't need to do anything.

Batyushki @batyushki

When downloading Monastic Life version 1.0.6 for a saved game:
- Download the Common Upgrades mod within Foundation's Mod menu
- Click on your saved game in Foundation's Load menu
- Click Edit Mods
- Click Load

This should add Common Upgrades to your save, after which the mod should load fine.

JazHaz @jazhaz

Why are the Cells so big? Seems to me they should be half the size.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi JazHaz that's just how big they were. A lot of the ones I have seen in Ireland are actually bigger, I made them a bit smaller than those in real life. Maybe the monks liked to have a nice space in case they had a fire and the smoke could collect in the roof. Or perhaps the construction method dictated a fairly large dome in order to make enough space inside for whatever they were doing.

sirmondragon @sirmondragon

In your various mods, can common items such as Dung Heaps be shared by all your mods or do they have to be created for each one?

Batyushki @batyushki

sirmondragon they are shared across all the mods. All the resources actually live in the Common Resources mod and are used by any other mod in common.

sirmondragon @sirmondragon

Thank you. Makes life a lot easier not having to repeat items. Very glad you did it that way.

UristMcKerman @uristmckerman

Could one of the upgrade paths improve something in the metal production chain - maybe study of plants to the woodcutters, or study of alchemy for charcoal hut and/or smelter? I played my last map with a huge monastery (~160 monks) along with many of your other modpack mods, and the other uses for metal made me wish I had a way to make them more efficient, and to make converting fuel carts to coal over time make sense.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi UristMcKerman, yes that's a good idea. Converting fuel carts to coal makes sense at any time during gameplay because coal makes twice as much fuel as wood, per unit. But I agree having a more efficient wood/coal industry would be super helpful.

sirmondragon @sirmondragon

The Romans mined coal as the Brits and Germans did in the Middle Ages. Am surprised that mining coal isn't a game component instead of having to rely on charcoal.

shunkaha_ake @shunkaha-ake

Hi Batyushki,
This mod is very nice and full of promises. But I have a problem, playing on the coastal map, the building sites are not very flat. For realism, I would like to place one of my abbeys on hillsides, wishing to specialize in wine growing.
The problem I have is that the buildings have no foundation and therefore sink into the hills which is not ideal visually.

Do you think you can add basements to the different buildings?

Batyushki @batyushki

I thought I did but maybe your hills are really steep. I'll take a look.

shunkaha_ake @shunkaha-ake

Thank you.
I'm sure cloisters pieces don't have any.

Batyushki @batyushki

If it is the vanilla parts then sadly I cannot add anything to them, we don't have access to see or change any of the vanilla parts in monuments yet.

TherealDorkieShorty @dorkieshorty1

So im having trouble with this mod. Moniastic clothes are not made enough. Same for vellum and moniastic worship. I cannot build anymore cause it says its to far away. So basically its not working properly. It seems the production is just to slow.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi TherealDorkieShorty, if you contact me on the Discord server I can help you better. Do you have a good supply of wool for the clothes? One clothier with 2 workers should cover about 25 monks I think. How many monks do you have compared to how many chapels? (I think I had two chapels for 35 monks in my last game).

It may need some balancing after the latest game update when most workplaces were reduced by 50%. I will play test it over the weekend to see.

TherealDorkieShorty @dorkieshorty1

hi i had around 30 monks and i had like 3 chapels, which i need more monks for so got more monks. in the end i had around 40 monks 4 chapels. i had two clothiers but the production is really slow. supply for wool i had enough.

Batyushki @batyushki

OK, I am playing the game this week and will try to see if I need to adjust the clothier production. I did adjust it in the latest update.

Lidusia @lidusia

This is great! Thank you Batyushki!