More Food Options for Foundation

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Published by OrlandoKev (mod ID: 82806)


Adds Dinner Plates (Fish and Berries) production and Sandwich (Bread and Cheese) production, i wanted to add a little more challenge to my gameplay so i made this mod for my own use, i have enjoyed using it and so thanks to vjraymon generously allowing me to use the buildings from his great Pastry Mod ( I have neither the knowledge or the talent ) i was able to polish up this mod and upload it for others to enjoy. This mod has no dependancies, though if you like it, i would highly recommend checking out Pastry Production V3 and Electuaries production mods made by vjraymon to use for luxury needs. Dinner Plates unlocks at 20 serfs (same time as fishing huts) and Sandwich Shop unlocks at 5 commoners (same time as cheesemaker)

Special Thanks to firesofhades (author of Fiery Essential) as well for his patience and great help with my many many modding questions!!




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alankirkham @alankirkham

I have tried the plates version so far and it is working well. Thanks

vjraymon @vjraymon

Good job and thank you !
Just one thing: I had some problems with by adding new .zip while some older one wer removed. I don't know if it is still the same, but I recommend to not removing the older .zip

OrlandoKev @orlandokev

nah 1.2 was my first upload, previous ones were just local for me, but thanks for heads up