Painter for Foundation

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Your Citizens demand that a painter comes and paints your beautiful town!
0.0.3 is the latest version, read below for more info on the mod


Painter's Workshop quest:

Quest should be initiated upon assigning your first villager the Citizen status.
Following the quest hopefully explains how the production chain functions (if not, let me know), it also provides you with some additional resources (oil and pigment)

Painter's workshop monument (in the general building category:

  • Paint Studio, here the Painter makes paintings from paint, a panel and sketches
  • Sketch Studio, here the Sketch artist has his storage, he needs a Sketch Artist's Easel with extraction zone assigend to it (contains 10 sketches)
  • Panelmaker ,here the panelmaker makes panels from wood
  • Paintmakers's Workshop, here the paintmaker makes paint from Linseed Oil and Pigments

Sketch Artist's Easel:

Basically the resource collection place for the Sketch Artist. Place it somewhere, and make sure it is inside an Extraction Zone (blue zone)


  • Painter, once a Sketch Artist reaches level two he/she can be assigned the painter job (newcomer, serf, commoner and citizen)
  • Sketch Artist (newcomer, serf, commoner and citizen)
  • Panelmaker (newcomer, serf and commoner )
  • Paint mixer (newcomer and serf)


  • Oil (20 in village starting resources)
  • Pigment (20 in village starting resources)
  • Panels
  • Paintings (luxury item, can be sold)
  • Sketches
  • Paint
  • Blueprint for the Painter's Workshop


New trader village Southspire, sells oil and pigments

What I'm looking for:

At this point it seems that the core functionality is ok. So what I'm mostly interested in is balancing.

What should the paintings sell for, what should the trade route cost, what should the resources cost etc.

Easiest way to reach me is through Discord, you can find me on the Foundation Official Discord under Freerk#3792

General pointers:

You have to start a new game for this for several reasons, not in the least the fact that compatibility issues might arise, furthermore the added trader somehow doesn't show up when you add the mod to an allready exsisting game

Place the buildings on fairly flat ground, although they have the depth to overcome it, it just looks better :)

All help, testing and suggestions are appreciated but don't let this this consume your time (like it did mine :) )

Future updates

  • Building stages
  • Job progression and mastery (added in 0.0.3)
  • Unlock the buildings instead of being available directly (added in 0.0.3)
  • Balancing
  • Add floors to the buildings (added in 0.0.3)
  • Rework the resources so the painter uses egg tempera (more age appropriate)
  • Add some decorative pieces for the buildings
  • Whatever comes to mind/ gets suggested (and sounds interesting to me)


Ozymandias: for testing and suggestions
vjramon: suggestions and help
der_sebi: suggestions and help






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alankirkham @alankirkham

I'm going to give this a try on a new village later today

ldylarke @ldylarke

The only apparent "job" at the beginning of the game for the sketch artist easel is "scholar". Is that the one to select?

wernerwolf @wernerwolf

Hi! Testet it in a small city. But the sketch studio does not produce scetches.
The scetch artist has level 2.
What am I doing wrong?

wernerwolf @wernerwolf

Additional info: the scetch artist says, he cannot find scetches.

Guralt @guralt

Count me in as a tester