Plumshelf Bay for Foundation

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Published by mess.a (mod ID: 945389)


I really like the mountain from the Founder's Valley map by Good.Kat so I cut/pasted it and handpainted a map around to suit my needs (enough flat land with some terrain variations, a river and access to the sea). I used the Unofficial Foundation Map Editor by Isajah_DE to package it and add minerals and trees.

This land take its name from the oddly colored grove growing atop the promontory overlooking the bay.

Credits :

Isajah_DE for the Unofficial Foundation Map Editor.

Good.Kat for part of his heightmap from Founder's Valley.




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MomGinny @momginny

I love this map! I'm having an odd issue when I play with it, though, where the trader does not purchase from my granaries/storage buildings. I've unlocked the trade routes, made certain there's a threshold to not sell below, and enabled selling. But the trader doesn't buy anything. I've attempted 5 games on the map so far, and they all fail (budget goes deeply into the red) during the initial trading for tools quest, because though I have over 100 planks in my storage (set to sell above 25), they aren't getting bought. I've played with a couple of non-custom maps as well, and this issue doesn't occur there. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you're able to replicate the issue or someone else is experiencing it.

mess.a @mess7

Thanks a lot for the heads up, I had the same issue while re-testing the map recently, I think it depends on your starting point.
Sorry for the time you've wasted trying to make it work, I must have effed up somewhere.
I'm working 7/7 for the summer so I don't think I'll be able to fix it in the near future, if anybody has an idea of what the problem might be, don't hesitate to pm me.

MomGinny @momginny

It's all good. When I have some time this weekend I will experiment with different starting points and see if I can find one that works. Take your time with the update! I look forward to playing with the map more in the future.