Plumshelf Bay for Foundation

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Published by mess.a (mod ID: 945389)


I really like the mountain from the Founder's Valley map by Good.Kat so I cut/pasted it and handpainted a map around to suit my needs (enough flat land with some terrain variations, a river and access to the sea). I used the Unofficial Foundation Map Editor by Isajah_DE to package it and add minerals and trees.

This land take its name from the oddly colored grove growing atop the promontory overlooking the bay.

Credits :

Isajah_DE for the Unofficial Foundation Map Editor.

Good.Kat for part of his heightmap from Founder's Valley.




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mess.a @mess7

Hello, I'm sorry but I still don't know what is the problem with the map and I sadly lack time to get back into it.
If you are interested I'll upload a starting save with the trading route working so you can at least play it. I think the Alladin's lamp mod can be used to change the starting point if the one on the save don't suit your needs.
Thanks for the nice words, if someone know how i could fix it pls message me :)

bymistake @bymistake

When i load a save game on this map gold,iron and the other ones duplicate a new one on top of the one i have already had my bailiff prospected meaning i now have 20+mines to prospect at the same place.
This map is my favorite it would be nice if it would be fixed.

mess.a @mess7

That is another problem, I think it's the way I made the map by adding the mines with the Unofficial editor but made my heightmap by hand that's causing it. I've no idea how to fix it i'm sorry.

=LUMINAK= @luminak

just wanted to know if any one a have found a good starting point so >>> we can trade << with the outside of the map !!?? very nice map but need to be fix !! any one ??
one of the most pretty map out there !! thumbs up !!

MomGinny @momginny

I love this map! I'm having an odd issue when I play with it, though, where the trader does not purchase from my granaries/storage buildings. I've unlocked the trade routes, made certain there's a threshold to not sell below, and enabled selling. But the trader doesn't buy anything. I've attempted 5 games on the map so far, and they all fail (budget goes deeply into the red) during the initial trading for tools quest, because though I have over 100 planks in my storage (set to sell above 25), they aren't getting bought. I've played with a couple of non-custom maps as well, and this issue doesn't occur there. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you're able to replicate the issue or someone else is experiencing it.

mess.a @mess7

Thanks a lot for the heads up, I had the same issue while re-testing the map recently, I think it depends on your starting point.
Sorry for the time you've wasted trying to make it work, I must have effed up somewhere.
I'm working 7/7 for the summer so I don't think I'll be able to fix it in the near future, if anybody has an idea of what the problem might be, don't hesitate to pm me.

MomGinny @momginny

It's all good. When I have some time this weekend I will experiment with different starting points and see if I can find one that works. Take your time with the update! I look forward to playing with the map more in the future.

=LUMINAK= @luminak

have you find a way to trade ?