Production Booster for Foundation

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Published by FloppyZenith (mod ID: 1469136)


This is a ridicules mod that let you enjoy building your city without having to care about resources. This mod boost production in (almost) all of the resources to 10 per worker return to building, it also adds gem production to the mines.

Supported buildings (10 per cycle):

Basic Production:

  1. WOODCUTTER: 10 Wood
  2. STONECUTTER CAMP: 10 stone
  3. FISHING HUT: 10 fish
  4. GATHERING HUT: 10 berries
  5. HUNTERS HUT: 10 boars
  6. SAWMILL: 10 planks

Food Production:

  1. WHEAT FARM: 10 wheat
  2. WINDMILL: 10 flour
  3. BAKERY: 10 bread
  4. DAIRY FARM: 10 milk
  5. CHEESE MAKER: 10 cheese
  6. HOP FARM: 10 hop
  7. BREWERY: 10 beer

Monastery production

  1. BEEKEEPING: 10 honey, 10 wax
  2. HERBS GARDEN: 10 herbs
  3. WINERY: 10 wine

Mine production

  1. GOLD QUARRY: 10 gold, 1 gem
  2. IRON QUARRY: 10 iron, 1 gem
  3. MARBLE QUARRY: 10 marble, 1 gem
  4. QUARTZ QUARRY: 10 quartz, 1 gem
  5. STONE QUARRY: 10 stone, 1 gem

Goods production

  1. SHEEP FARM: 10 wool
  2. WEAVER HUT: 10 woolen cloth
  3. TAILOR WORKSHOP: 10 clothes

luxury goods

  1. JEWELER WORKSHOP: 10 jewelry

Related products

  1. COAL HUT: 10 coal
  2. STONEMASON HUT: 10 polished stone
  3. WEAPONSMITH: 10 Weapons type sword
  4. GOLD SMELTER: 10 gold bars
  5. IRON SMELTER: 10 iron bars
  6. BLACKSMITH: 10 tools
  7. GLASS SMELTER: 10 glass


Please use this mod alone without any other production boosters that supports the same resources in this mod to prevent overlapping.

This mod is better to be used with the Efficient Resources Storage for Foundation mod in order to save more resources in your wear houses and granaries.







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FlexibleGames @flexiblegames

One vanilla crafter you missed is the Cooperage (makes barrels). Just an FYI. Excellent mod.

Minotorious @minotorious

FloppyZenith Hey there, you have one extra file level in your zip and the mod cannot be automatically installed from the in game menu.

Please upload the zip again with the mod.lua etc. files at the root of the archive for us to approve the mod :)

PS: Also please remove the __MACOSX folder

FloppyZenith @floppyzenith

So sorry for the wrong files, this is why we should not use mac for developing and zipping mods lol, just uploaded the correct files.

Minotorious @minotorious

hehe no problem :) However you still have the extra folder inside your zip, the automatic installer in game can only install mods if the mod.lua and mod.json are at the root of the zip archive.

It should be like this:

Instead of what you have now:

Once that is fixed too I can approve the mod :)

FloppyZenith @floppyzenith

sorry again, just updated the mod.