Production Overhaul for Foundation

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Published by xXRasAlGhulXx (mod ID: 136173)


You can install this mode directly from the game or manually by unzipping the provided Archive in Gamedirectory\Mods.

Production tweaked list :


I can make updates based on your recommendations. So please feel free to leave your suggestion or notes. Enjoy :)




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purringcats @purringcats

My daughter got married in a small church and it held over 250 people. Any chance you can mod the church and extensions to hold more people.

Lethann @lethann

Could you please be a bit more detailed with the exact changes you've made to the system?

Samson263fpW1BkV7TYv @samson263fpw1bkv7tyv

Hey, definitely going to give this one a try, a lot of the other mods affecting production seem to make it way too easy.

xXRasAlGhulXx @rasalghul1592830161

Hello Samson263fpW1BkV7TYv, thank you for your comment. Don't hesitate to leave your impressions here. Enjoy

RyeEncoke1593269038 @ryeencoke1593269038

so this will conflict with any other mods that generate more of an item..more fish, more milk, more cheese etc etc?

xXRasAlGhulXx @rasalghul1592830161

Hello RyeEncoke1593269038, it will indeed, so you have to choose. My mode offers a more balanced production system, it won't overpower your production but it helps you to enjoy more your early to late game. I'm no fan of overpowered production boosts, so this depends on your game style preference. Check the comment reply below for more info.

Rustam13 @rustam13

Здравствуйте. При загрузке модов вқдаёт ошибку (не удалось распаковать файл) как исправить напишите пожалуйста.

Ibge @ibge

Good Day xXRasAlGhulXx , sorry just checking how big an increase in production is it?

xXRasAlGhulXx @rasalghul1592830161

Good day to ya Ibge, you welcome asking anything you need to know about this mod. The production was tweaked depending on the resource rarity and its importance in general constructions, so in Mid-late game, building Megastructures will be way more fun & a little bit faster. The productions go from double to 3:1 ratio ( example 1 woodcutter will bring now 3 woods instead of 2, so 3 woodcutters will bring 9 instead of 6 per run, a stonecutter will make 2 stones per run instead of 1 so 10 in total instead of 5). All the other tweaks are based more and less on this logic. So you will still need to assign more woodcutters and stonecutters depends in how you expand, so the game keeps its fun part of assigning people to jobs and micromanaging your kingdom but little less frustrating at this point.

Ibge @ibge

Thank you xXRasAlGhulXx, I appreciate your response.

xXRasAlGhulXx @rasalghul1592830161

You are welcome Ibge, your feedback will be appreciated, give it a try and share your thoughts anytime. Have fun.

Ibge @ibge

Thanks will do.