A very basic map with rivers and flat plains.


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Ranger|.\\ @ranger4

This is the only map I've found, with a completely leveled field, so far. I use this one to test builds but also for regular runs, in fact it's probably my favourite. That being said, it has lots of room for improvement. As mentioned by others, there's resources outside of the playable area. Resources are very scarce. I don't mind the distance between areas with resources but at least make them worthy of all the gold needed to unlock that land. I'm talking about double and triple patches of resources... I'd remove the big piece of dirt in the island, it's quite unpleasant to see. Tree distribution is weird. I know that was just some quick work, to get it done, but iirc some starting zones have only a few trees, enough to progress of course but still. And come to think of it, I think there are some starting areas with no stone or berries even...? Finally, considering the nature of the map, some extra starting locations would be welcome, especially along the of the river in the middle and on the island. I hope this gets updated.

doughendy @doughendy

There are some supply nodes outside the playable area. Such as some stone and iron on the South border, East of the river.

alexandredsg @alexandredsg

Extracted zip to the specified folder location, but the map wont show up for picking.

Tarophon @tarophon

If you do it manually then copy the .zip into '\Documents\Polymorph Games\Foundation\mods' and extract there, so the folder structure would be '\Foundation\mods\River Plains\'

wnZoid @wnzoid

You have a problem with your folder structure. Instead of converting the folder "river plains" into a zip you have to convert the files directly into one.