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racerbagz @racerbagz

I came here to see if was an update after having the no trader issue and figured would start over no biggie. Was really liking the area had started in, so went back in after update to do the same place and found out it had been changed a good bit. Not sure if the changes to the map were to make it easier for trader to travel or what, but for me personally, I liked the map much better before the update. Not trying to be negative, just giving feedback. I really like the map, it is different than any of the rest out there.

Mayheaven @mayheaven

I have now fixed the trader problem on the original map. I can mail the .zip to you and you can remove the updated map and manualy install the original one.

racerbagz @racerbagz

That would be great. Was using several of the features on the older map for some interesting build spots before finding church was not getting finished due to no tools, then found the trader was not working. So now with that fixed would like to retry the idea I had in my mind, thanks.

DontCallMeSurly @dontcallmesurly

Hey there! So, been looking all over for a really good, suitable map to settle with and finally start focusing on building. Looked at all of the maps that are out now by modders and yours' has been by far my absolute favorite!

However, I did find one issue with your map... And of course maybe it's just me, or I may have done something wrong. Although I have tested this three times just to make sure it wasn't a one-time glitch or anything. It seems as though the trader doesn't spawn on your map. Found it bizarre, as the envoy and immigrants spawn just fine!

Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again though for the map!

Mayheaven @mayheaven


I thank you for the comment and especially the feedback.
I will adress the problem as soon as I can, will uppdate some time today.

thx again and be on the lookout for more maps coming.