Security for Foundation

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For medieval villagers, the need for security was just as important as the need for food or shelter. In this mod, all villagers need to feel safe on a weekly basis. Without feeling secure, they become unhappy and eventually leave.

Security is produced by Guards, Patrols, and Constables, and communicated to your villagers by the Town Crier. You can see your current level of Security in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Guards, Patrols and Town Criers are built using a menu in Monuments called Security. The Constable is available from within the Lord Manor or modded Keeps.

How it Works

  • Guards and Patrols collect Security Reports on your village.
    • Patrols are based in a Patrol Hut. They visit a route you define and come back with a security report about each area. You can place multiple patrol points around each Patrol Hut, but one Patrol will only have time to visit 6-8 places in one week, depending on how busy they are. Patrols can visit any single patrol point no oftener than once a week.
    • Guards (Tower) generate reports by occupying a Tower or Gate. The towers from Stone Gate Set and Frontier Fortifications can be used by Guards. The two Gates from Frontier Fortifications that have ladders can also be used.
    • Guards (Post) occupy a fixed position. They are especially good for guarding entrances. Once placed, the guard post is invisible. If you forget where you placed the guard post, use the Workplaces menu to find it.
  • The Constable works in the Keep or Lord Manor, collecting Security Reports from Towers, Patrols, and Guard Posts, and producing Security. The normal Wooden Keep is still only for soldiers, so you'll have to build a Keep from Stone Gate Set or Frontier Fortifications for the Constable, or use the Lord Manor.
  • The Town Crier speaks to the Constable about the state of the settlement, then goes out on the street nearby to tell villagers the news. You must place the Town Crier's Post near the Keep. You'll find this new building part within the Stone Gate Set and Frontier Fortifications mods, and within the normal Wooden Keep and Lord Manor buildings.
  • Villagers will go to the Town Crier's Post to hear the news about security. In doing so they satisfy their weekly need to feel safe.


  • The Security monument only appears after you have built your first Food Market table.
  • For a new village, build a Town Crier to provide Security from the Village Center until you start producing it yourself. The Village Centre will provide some free Security at the beginning of the game, but it isn't available to villagers without a Town Crier.
  • If the Constable isn't getting enough reports, they can't generate security. Make sure you have enough towers, manned gates or patrols to keep the Constable fed with information.
  • Make sure you have a Constable and Town Crier near your population centres. Otherwise, villagers will have to travel a long way to feel secure, and their happiness and production will be impacted.
  • As you build up your settlement, move Patrol points that are covered by a newly constructed building or wall. Patrols won't visit patrol points that are inaccessible.
  • It is possible for Patrols to use each others' patrol points. If you don't want this, place the patrol huts further apart. Patrols prefer to visit patrol points near their hut.
  • The direction of the Patrol point arrow controls which direction the Patrol will face while surveying the area.
  • Soldiers and monks do not require Security, they are protected by members of their own enclaves.


  • For the Stone Gate Set towers, make sure the guard can get to them. Usually this means they need to have a door facing a street.
  • The towers that come with the Lord's Manor do not have guard functionality yet as these parts are not available to mod.
  • Moving Security Reports from one place to another means the worker will carry a crate. There is no option to disable this in the API.


Common Resources V1
Frontier Fortifications
Stone Gate Set V7


















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Rejden @rejden

why are they wearing capes? wouldnt it be better if they just had the novice skin?
So they would look more like actual townguards than a cult. Just my opinion

Batyushki @batyushki

Rejden the capes are my favourite part of this mod :)

Rejden @rejden

Do you think youll ever put in an option where you can choose which Look you want for your guards?

DRHVSB @drhvsb

Hello! I'm struggling to find which towers of the Stone Gate Set allow guards to be posted. I don't see an option on any of the towers I've been building.

DRHVSB @drhvsb

I also can't seem to assign a constable to any building in the stone gate set. The option doesnt appear.

Seth_ou812 @seth-ou812

So I love this mod, wont play foundation without it. But often ive noticed they hit the "max limit" of 50, and refuse to deliver it to the constables. Instead they just refuse to make more. Which is understandable since its full. Sometimes a save and load fixes this. Sometimes not. Its not a pathing issue. I checked. So im not sure.

Batyushki @batyushki

Seth_ou812 that's normal. It's OK for the workplaces to be full. It means you're doing well keeping them safe.

Tomalini @tomalini

I am having a similar problem. My villagers are unhappy at not having enough security, however I have a lot of towers, gates and patrols which are at their "max limit" of 50 security reports. The constables have space to receive the security reports but they just don't seem to be getting them and it doesn't seem to be a pathing issue. Do you have any recommendations? Fantastic work by the way, these mods are excellent!

Edit: Have figured this out now, I had too many guards and not enough constables. Also my constables had been promoted too high and were not as productive as my serf guards.

Batyushki @batyushki

Yes I was going to say, promoting Constables is usually the culprit. They have to travel around to each guard to collect reports so it can be a challenge if they're too busy partying elsewhere.

Someday I'd like to come up with a system where the constable doesn't have to walk as much and can be safely promoted, but at the moment they are usually the bottleneck.

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Hello :)
Thank you for all your mods!
I just started using them, and i may come to each one of them with questions/suggestions...

Can it be possible to increase the number of guards assigned to a guard post building please?
Like, to or even up to 3, instead of 1?
I dont know if game mecanics allow it or not. But it would be great to have (imo)

Batyushki @batyushki

If you're referring to the guard post arrows, it only makes sense to have 1 there, otherwise they would stand on top of each other.

For the patrols, I think it would be fine to have a couple of patrol people. I will make that change in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion!

Batyushki @batyushki

In the latest release I increased patrol capacity to 3 workers.

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Just saw that!
Thank you. :)

MsLyly83 @mslyly83

I built my first town crier, assigned crier.
I built a second on same management tab, assigned crier.
I deleted the first and now my second says work place is full. I completely deleted, rebuilt, same issue.

Batyushki @batyushki

It's full because they have delivered the max 50 security. This is normal for a "marketplace" type item.

MarcusFahlen(swe) @marcusfahlenswe

i have 1256 villigers with this mod and so i started to wonder can you make so this guys can live in a dorm. and do this guys need security they are the secorit i mean i never heard a cop who complain about they do to little work but this guys can.

for then they complaining ther are not enof secority they dont work and if htey dont work no secority it is a evil cycel here :D

vjraymon @vjraymon

batyushki I modified Stone Gate Set V7 in order to be be more flexible. Please, can you overload with APPEND the asset "STONE_GATE_V7_FUNCTION_LIST" instead of the V7 ROOT_PART ?
And suppress the references to the deprecated Stone Gate Set V5/V6 (or access them with soft dependencies)

MarcusFahlen(swe) @marcusfahlenswe

its awsome i building the small fort litel evrywere and soo got to plaze thos con-what ther name is in towers

Batyushki @batyushki

OK, I'll try that out!

ldylarke @ldylarke

I love this mod! I have noted that one has to be pretty careful how and where you place those arrows for where you want the patrols or guards to stand. Eventually, the people start complaining about a severe lack of security and one must go back to every guard to make sure they are able to reach their work place or that there is no "my workplace is full" error. Which means there is a pathing issue you have to address.

So not a complaint but rather a wee note for others who may be having an issue with that workplace full error. Pay attention early on to make sure everything is pathing well from the start to prevent a cascading security fail later on lol