Security for Foundation

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Please Note

  • This mod only works with new games
  • Security buildings unlock at 20 villagers, but no Outlaws will appear until you have 50 villagers
  • This mod replaces an older version; you should only load one of the Security mods in a single game


Peace and security must be won by protecting your people from outlaws, and punishing villagers who step outside the law.

This mod adds a defensive element to the game: you must build Keeps, Towers, Walls and Gates to protect your people from outlaws.


The Constable oversees security and works in a Constable's Keep. The keep contains a Prison for captured outlaws. Guards stationed in Guard Towers patrol the streets to prevent trouble. You place Patrol Arrows where you want the guards to patrol.

Every Keep, Tower, Wall, Gate, and Guard adds Security to an area. If a workplace is too far away from security buildings or a patrol route, after two weeks the workers are tempted to steal food, goods and gold. When this happens, villagers become Outlaws. Anyone who has been unemployed for more than two weeks is also at risk of becoming an Outlaw. Occasionally, bands of outlaws will also appear from outside your borders.


These villagers leave the town and go to live in Outlaw Camps. They will try to steal food, goods and gold from unprotected workplaces. You prevent stealing by providing Keeps, Towers, and Guards near workplaces. You can see which buildings require more security by clicking on any security building and going into Edit mode. Green buildings are fully protected; Orange are targets for theft; and Red are at risk of encouraging new outlaws. Plus signs indicate buildings and patrols that generate security. The overlay disappears after 15 seconds, if you want to keep it on, pause the game.

If there is nothing to steal, outlaws will come back to the village to buy food and get water. By placing patrols near markets and wells, you can question villagers and catch outlaws.

Captured outlaws become Prisoners in the Constable's Keep. After serving a week's punishment, they are released as unemployed newcomers.

Outlaws will never exceed 5% of the population.


  • You can use towers and keeps from the Lord Manor, Wooden Keep, Giant Gate Masterpiece, Stone Gate Set mod, and Frontier Fortifications mod as guard towers and to generate security for the surrounding area. The patrol arrow has also been added to those buildings (found at the very end of the building part list).
  • Security buildings add residential desirability.
  • Wooden security buildings have less security than stone ones.
  • There are some workplaces that get an automatic green security rating: Woodcutter's Camp, Stonecutter's Camp, Forester's hut, and Hunter's hut. Outlaws are not interested in stealing from these workplaces which are often placed outside the town without defense.


  • Minotorious showed me how to use behaviour trees, and this mod is only possible because of that
  • RaisinMuffin allowed use of his campfire from Fantasy Decorations for the Rally Point

Detailed explanation of Security Scores

Workplaces get security from…

Constable's Keep

18 points

8 points for the Keep, 6 points for a Constable, 2 points for each Guard (depends on Keep)


8 points

4 points for the Tower, 2 points for each Guard

Gate or Wall

4 points

2 points for the Gate or Wall, 2 points for the Guard

Patrol Arrows

2 points

Per arrow visited by a Guard (one guard can visit 3-4 arrows each work cycle depending on distance), effect lasts for 5 days

Wooden Keep

20 points

10 points for the Keep, and 2 points for each Soldier

Frontier Fortifications Keep

10 points

4 points for the Keep, 6 points for the Constable

Frontier Fortifications Tower and Gate

4 points

2 points for the Tower or Gate, 2 points for the Guard

Stone Gate Set

8 points

4 points for any Keep or Tower, and 2 points for each Guard

Security is available in a radius from the generating building…

5 points or less

30 metres

10 points or less

50 metres

More than 10 points

70 metres

Workplaces that receive…

Less than 5 points

Outlaws will steal items and workers will be tempted to become Outlaws

Less than 10 points

Outlaws will steal items

10 points or more

Fully secure


Common Resources V1

































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BlindBlake @blindblake

Thanks for this great mod !
Maybe it could be a nice addition to have the possibility to place guards and patrols without having the whole security system. I'm saying that because sometimes I want to play a game focused only on the look of the city and not the actual gameplay. But maybe I'm the only one ?

Jonkles @jonkles

cant fund the prision

Seeker88 @seeker88

Hello, how are you?
so i would like your help. wanted to increase the number of guards in the towers. The biggest tower for example with only 3 guards is too little. could you tell me where in the files you do this?

SgtMorningWood007 @sgtmorningwood31

Quick question.
What happened to little Security booths? There used to be little wooden shacks. Were cool. I liked them. Any chance they can come back?

Also, is it possible to make "stationary" points so that guards will just stay in 1 spot permanently?

aor3z @aor3z

Sorry for another noob question. I have successfully built a keep. And noticed that i have 7 prisoners hanging around the town centre ( with no wherelse to go) When i check the keep, there is no prisoner option. No prison? Am i doing something wrong here? Appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Batyushki @batyushki

The wooden keep has no prison, but the stone ones do. You can also make prisons in the Lord Manor and Wooden Keep.

kronos-storm @kronos-storm

Hello Batyushki! Thanks for the Security mod! This mod is wonderful and amazing, just like all your other mods! This mod is very diversified game.
Could you add a notification to the chat, how much and what kind of resource was stolen by the thief, if this happened?
Thank you!

Cuchy @cuchy

How do you unlock the constables keep? I have 80 villagers

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi Cuchy, the Security monument unlocks at 20 villagers. It's in the Services build menu.

Cuchy @cuchy

Thanks I found it as the security flag. Great mod BTW!

RedCommunist @redcommunist

Me again (sorry), since the last update I noticed the stone towers aren't providing as much security. Was this on purpose? IE: I have a stone tower with two guards with 5 way points around my village of six houses, 1 warehouse, and market. All orange security rating. Also, I think the update broke the orchard mod compatibility. They are solid red security rating adjacent a stone tower. Thank you again for everything!

Batyushki @batyushki

On the orchard, do they have workers already? Sometimes I see workplaces at red if there are no workers yet.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hmm not sure I have changed anything. Towers have different effects, try putting 5-6 patrol arrows right around the tower.

DallyHorton @dallyhorton

A couple of quick questions.

1. A assume the Constable's Keep needs an associated Guard Tower to be able to catch Outlaws? For instance, I mistakenly created a Constable's Keep and Guard Tower in separate 'Security' nodes (for lack of a better word). My Constable's Keep says 'No workers assigned', even though I have a Constable. My Guard Tower says 'Working fine'. I've never had a prisoner.

2. How do we measure distance in Foundation? How far is 70 meters in the game?

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi DallyHorton, I'm not sure about your employment warning. If it's a bigger keep then it will also have guard positions not just the constable. Placing the keep and tower in separate monuments should make no difference.

You can use the Ruler mod to measure things.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

Hi, nice idea, it add's a lot to the game. I have tips for improvement.
There's too high need for military buildings right now. Would it be possible to make the security more "patrol" based? The little bigger security radius would be nice too, but what I mean would make the difference is the patrol points generating more security points and lasting longer, plus more workplaces in towers.

Plus I've deleted the birds eye camera mod to see if it will make a difference. Cause it was the only workplace with red security.

Edit: Maybe it's just a coincidence but the number of outlaws dropped from five to zero after doing this.

Batyushki @batyushki

That's definitely a coincidence, a workplace with no workers will not cause a security issue.

I will think about your balancing feedback. To be honest I'm pretty happy with it as it is today. The stronger keeps/towers generate stronger security and in combination with a few patrols can secure a fairly large area (I have a saved game now with a single large stone keep, guarding an area of about 4 tiles). That seems pretty realistic to me.

As far as patrols, the way to multiply their effect is to place more arrows, a single guard can generate about 4 arrows if they have an efficient schedule. So a single tower with two guards can secure an entire tile.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

Ok, then the birds eye camera should probably be excluded from thus mod (as Lumbercamps and Forester are f.e.)

Hrochnick @hrochnick

I really love the idea of this but I'm not convinced it's working as it should, or I'm doing something wrong... All of my buildings are "green", covered with security - I have towers (with doors) and visible security patrols throughout the village and yet, on a population of 170 odd I have 17 outlaws (double the supposed 5% maximum) and zero prisoners. I've seen outlaws stroll right past guards and towers and through gates carrying loot and the guards don't even flinch. And plenty of theft of course. Any ideas to help?

Edit - they caught a few! I found a couple in the prisons and now I'm down to 14 outlaws - still more than 5% though.

Also - the notification and pop up advising that 'there has been a theft' has no info on where it happened - this would be very useful.

RedCommunist @redcommunist

Again, my favorite mods. I noticed since the last update a problem though. I place the largest constable keep and the outer 10-15% of the ring (which is within the green circle) still gives me 0 security rating. Also, I placed a small stone guard tower (square top) and placed two guards with 4 guard points. Both guards turn into outlaws and I am having 0 security rating on it and the adjacent buildings when there are guards assigned.

Batyushki @batyushki

OK I'll check that out.

Batyushki @batyushki

I found the bug for the doors not generating security for each guard posted, I'll fix this now. Thanks for letting me know.