Security for Foundation

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Please Note

  • This mod only works with new games
  • Security buildings unlock at 20 villagers, but no Outlaws will appear until you have 50 villagers
  • Performance-intensive mod, not recommended for lower spec PCs
  • This mod replaces an older version; you should only load one of the Security mods in a single game


Peace and security must be won by protecting your people from outlaws, and punishing villagers who step outside the law.

This mod adds a defensive element to the game: you must build Keeps, Towers, Walls and Gates to protect your people from outlaws.


The Constable oversees security and works in a Constable's Keep. The keep contains a Prison for captured outlaws. Guards stationed in Guard Towers patrol the streets to prevent trouble. You place Patrol Arrows where you want the guards to patrol.

Every Keep, Tower, Wall, Gate, and Guard adds Security to an area. If a workplace is too far away from security buildings or a patrol route, after two weeks the workers are tempted to steal food, goods and gold. When this happens, villagers become Outlaws. Anyone who has been unemployed for more than two weeks is also at risk of becoming an Outlaw.


These villagers leave the town and go to live in Outlaw Camps. They will try to steal food, goods and gold from unprotected workplaces. You prevent stealing by providing Keeps, Towers, and Guards near workplaces. You can see which buildings require more security by clicking on any security building and going into Edit mode. Green buildings are fully protected; Orange are targets for theft; and Red are at risk of encouraging new outlaws. Plus signs indicate buildings and patrols that generate security. The overlay disappears after 15 seconds, if you want to keep it on, pause the game.

There are two ways to catch outlaws:
• If there is nothing to steal, outlaws will come back to the village to buy food and get water. By placing patrols near markets and wells, you can question villagers and catch outlaws.
• You can place a Rally Point and staff it with guards who will go out and destroy outlaw camps. They will catch any outlaws who are at the camp when they attack.

Captured outlaws become Prisoners in the Constable's Keep. After serving a week's punishment, they are released as unemployed newcomers.

Outlaws cannot generate if 20% of the population has already become outlaws.


  • You can use towers and keeps from the Lord Manor, Wooden Keep, Giant Gate Masterpiece, Stone Gate Set mod, and Frontier Fortifications mod as guard towers and to generate security for the surrounding area. The patrol arrow has also been added to those buildings (found at the very end of the building part list).
  • Security buildings add residential desirability.
  • There are some workplaces that get an automatic green security rating: Woodcutter's Camp, Stonecutter's Camp, Forester's hut, and Hunter's hut. Outlaws are not interested in stealing from these workplaces which are often placed outside the town without defense.


  • Minotorious showed me how to use behaviour trees, and this mod is only possible because of that
  • RaisinMuffin allowed use of his campfire from Fantasy Decorations for the Rally Point

Detailed explanation of Security Scores

Workplaces get security from…

Constable's Keep

18 points

8 points for the Keep, 6 points for a Constable, 2 points for each Guard


8 points

4 points for the Tower, 2 points for each Guard

Gate or Wall

4 points

2 points for the Gate or Wall, 2 points for the Guard

Patrol Arrows

2 points

Per arrow visited by a Guard (one guard can visit 3-4 arrows each work cycle depending on distance), effect lasts for 5 days

Rally Point

10 points

2 points per Guard (these guards cannot patrol, they only seek out and destroy Outlaw camps)

Wooden Keep

20 points

10 points for the Keep, and 2 points for each Soldier

Frontier Fortifications Keep

10 points

4 points for the Keep, 6 points for the Constable

Frontier Fortifications Tower and Gate

4 points

2 points for the Tower or Gate, 2 points for the Guard

Stone Gate Set

8 points

4 points for any Keep or Tower, and 2 points for each Guard

Security is available in a radius from the generating building…

Less than 5 points

30 metres

Less than 10 points

50 metres

Ten or more points

70 metres

Workplaces that receive…

Less than 5 points

Outlaws will steal items and workers will be tempted to become Outlaws

Less than 10 points

Outlaws will steal items

10 points or more

Fully secure


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En_Zoo @dreadness16

Hi, I've checked this again - the Frontier Keep does not give full security by itself.
I also have a question: is the radius for all security-providing-building the same? Asking because some of them seem to require to be closer to the workshops.

En_Zoo @dreadness16

.. also, one tower with two guards and 3 patrol points should provide full security, but they don't. The only explanation for this could be that towers have a smaller radius?

Batyushki @batyushki

Yes towers have a smaller radius than keeps. They generate a maximum of 8 points. The patrol points have their own radius and this doesn't count towards getting the tower itself above 10.

Teamson @teamson

i would i be able to get my guards on the walls?

Batyushki @batyushki

Teamson put a ground door on a tower, then attach the wall or gate, then a wall door. Snap the wall or gate so that the door is visible on top of the wall and connected to the tower.

kipstafoo @kipstafoo

Batyushki, is there a way to make towers bigger? Or have towers that can fit more than 2 guards and thus can generate a higher security rating and radius?

Batyushki @batyushki

kipstafoo the towers from Stone Gate Set are integrated into this mod, just place that mod before this one and you'll be able to use its many tower and keep options for security.

In terms of the Radius if you want the bigger radius of the Keeps, Stone Gate Set also comes with some nice Keeps.

marcus7564 @marcus7564

The frontier fortifications don't seem to be providing security. I have 5 watch towers, a cabin, and a keep surrounding my red chicken farm. I also see no options to employ people or make patrol points in the building. I can only house 4 people in the Cabin.

Batyushki @batyushki

marcus7564 when you load the save, move Frontier Fortifications so that it is before Security in the mod order.

marcus7564 @marcus7564

Sorted, thanks!

Fion @fion

I'm getting massive problems with this mod and it makes my game unplayable. Guards and soldiers do nothing. All security patrol points do not work. Soldiers do not patrol. Guards in main square are present at times a lot but outlaws are literally hanging out with them. Constant thefts make me bankrupt. Once outlaw they can't be changed back?
Really cool build objects etc but I can't survive once my village hits 50 people. Also the constant demotions really make me mad cause I spend so much making serfs. There should be no such things as demotions. Cool mod but just doesn't work for me.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi Fion if you contact me on discord I can help troubleshoot. I'm not sure based on your description above why it isn't working for you. When you say nothing works do you mean that workplaces show as red even though there are patrols and security buildings nearby? A couple of things to check: are you employing all new villagers within 2 weeks of arrival (unemployed people become outlaws)? Are the patrol arrows in the same monument as the guards? Do you have any stuck villager errors in the log?

There may be something else going on too, a mod conflict perhaps, but I would need your save on discord to investigate further.

En_Zoo @dreadness16

Hello again,
the frontier keep should give 10 points, so workplaces around should be fully secure. Yet they're only marked yellow, not green like the others. Constable is there working - what's wrong?
Furthermore, some sort of radius indicator when clicking on the security buildings (as well as at the moment of building them for the first time, so in the 'edit building' screen) would be nice as at the moment it's just impossible to judge which workshops will be protected and which won't.

Batyushki @batyushki

En_Zoo Thanks for your feedback. I did try some radius indicators but they all cluttered the screen way too much (with many overlapping lines making it hard to see what was going on). Ideally the devs will unlock us to use the desirability overlay (like with residential desirability), that would be the clearest way to do this.

I'll look into the frontier keep, thanks for letting me know!

En_Zoo @dreadness16

Hi, have you found the issue here at the end? Just a friendly reminder :D

Batyushki @batyushki

I'm not seeing the issue with the frontier keep, for me it provides enough security to secure everything around it. It also has the big plus sign indicating the highest level of security.

wykay @wykay


Spind3l @spind3l

This new version of Security doesnt seem to work. I have endless outlaws forming even though 1/4 - 1/3 of my aprox 80 pop village are guards I have green security everywhere (btw the overlay constantly glitches out and disapears have to hit edit like multiple times to see whats going on) I still get outlaws even though I have constable place and 4 towers that according to the bld radius cover every building in my town every tower is full manned at their doors and I even have 2 campfire things fully manned with rally points at every well and market stall that should put them well above 10 pts yet outlaws still spawn! My new town is ****** now wonderful waste of time that was. Can I get the constable buildings else where without this stupid mechanic? as I dont like this at all but I like the buildings I get the attempt but honestly it is very unbalanced and lack feedback the old system was easier to understand. Also I get bandits already I dont even have commoners yet... I shouldn't be forced to build a stone wall at pops less than 100 (where are the wooden options?) makes absolutely no sense nor should you need that many guards and towers it just makes every village not a village basically forces me to build them all as castles...which is not really the point in this game. NTM medieval castles are often supported by multiple villages most castles dont come to be without a few hundred people to support them... which was my plan to build multiple villages and one castle not 5 castles and no villages... this mod is a good idea in theory but currently executed in frustrating ways and does not work as described. Not looking for troubleshooting as the mod is working this is just feedback I wont be using this again as it doesnt allow me to do what I hoped I use most of your other mods and they are great you just missed the mark atm on this one.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi Spind3l. The overlay disappears after 15 seconds, you need to pause once it appears to see it. It's so you don't have to have it on all the time you are editing a security building, as it gets in the way of seeing the building.

When you get outlaws, is the message Bandit Attack or Villager became Outlaw? If bandit attack, you need to have your security at the edges of the village (at the entrance roads) so that the bandit will encounter a guard on its way. If you get the second message (Villager became an Outlaw) then you have undefended workplaces, or you are not employing newcomers within 14 days. Maybe you're getting unemployed people becoming outlaws?

To be honest I'm not sure why you're having so much trouble, I'd be happy to have you share your save on Discord and I can give you more specific advice. I know I built the mod so it is easier for me, but I rarely have more than 3-4 outlaws and that only when I forget to defend somewhere or don't give people jobs.

Also remember that you can use Frontier Fortifications and Lord Manor as guard towers, so for instance guards can be part of the manor without having to build a separate castle for security.

Spind3l @spind3l

well must be the unemployed ppl that said them automatically becoming outlaws is kind of silly I figured since I still have 10+ pts of security at the town center they wont turn, for example my unemployed folks are surrounded by 3-7 guards, and yet my town center has 3-4 outlaws running around I always tend to keep 3-4 unemployed folks around for flexibility and because 100% employment isnt realistic no place has this. I used to be able to hire them when I need to now I have 0 most of the time and a bunch of outlaws that just get taken prisoner every so often eating food and delaying progress. BTW The bandit randomly shows up just never does anything except be all sus around my warehouses but I get no message for an attack. Like I said I think its working as it should I just dont get why I cant prevent outlaw creation outright. Any chance you have these awesome buildings in another set without the security mechanic? I assume your not going to change the unemployed automatically becoming outlaws even if I have more guards then unemployed around them which does mess my play style up unfortunately but I understand you cant cater to everyone

Batyushki @batyushki

I can understand why you manage it that way, I set the delay to 14 days and then there is a 20 percent chance of them turning outlaws if still unemployed. One workaround is to put them in builder huts which are instant builds, then reassign them from there. I will consider releasing the buildings separately, great idea.

As far as why I have unemployed people become outlaws even when they are in the middle of the town - they prefer stealing to being unemployed, when you have no job you have nothing to keep you occupied and crime seems more appealing. I have always wanted logic to make unemployment a problem (besides just general unhappiness). People can become criminals even when they are surrounded by police, it's just harder to commit crime then.